Guess What the Stork Brought

The stork delivered a sweet little baby boy to us a few weeks ago.  I’ve been wanting to write a post but due to lack of time as well as lack of sleep, I can’t seem to focus on one thought and expand it into something coherent.

I thought about writing about how we went from no clothing or baby gear to everything we need just from putting the word out.  Borrowing things or receiving second-hand is the way to go.  No storage space was taken over for years nor was money spent on acquiring items.

I thought about writing about how I live in an amazing community and how a Meal Train was organized.  I had two weeks worth of suppers prepared by friends.  They selected the date they wanted to cook and brought it over.  If you have never heard of Meal Train, check out the website.   It was a complete godsend not to have to worry about shopping, meal planning, or cooking during my recovery.

So what is this post about? My favorite subject of course– decluttering and organizing! I wanted to share my Ta-das of being three weeks post-partum.  What did a sleep deprived organizer do recently?  Read on:

  1. Maintenance decluttering:  I noticed DD10 had a few sweaters she never wears.  She has her favorites.  Why keep the ones that never get any usage?  Out they went, passed on to a friend.  This morning I took out a shirt.  No guilt.  Why?  The items were given to us by someone who had outgrown them.  No money spent on our part.   These items did not make it to the favorites. There were plenty of other items we kept and get worn that are part of her working wardrobe. So long, farewell aufwiedersen goodbye to some of the not favorite things.  (While I didn’t see the Oscars, I did see Lady Gaga preform a phenomenal Sound of Music rendition on Youtube).
  2. Trouble-shooting and organizing:  DD13 likes to have her clothes folded and on her bed.  The pile up was driving me nuts, as there was no room for her to sleep let alone sit, so yesterday I relocated two shelves of books from the bookcase near her bed to some shelves elsewhere in the house.   In doing so, it freed up some prime real estate near the bed.  Clothing storage problem solved.
  3. Re-organizing:  I needed a space for Baby’s wardrobe.  The perfect place were some see-through drawers that were currently housing toys.  This was a two-step operation.  First, was to relocate the toys.  Most got moved to the top of the cabinets where I keep toys with pieces like blocks or train tracks.  Next was to put Baby’s things away.  Diapers and wipes are in a basket on top.  Drawer 1 has cloth diapers, Drawer 2 has undershirts and socks, and drawer 3 has sleepers and other clothing.

You may be thinking, “My goodness, Klutter Koach, aren’t you getting any rest???”  Yes, of course I am.  None of my Ta-das involve heavy cleaning, lifting, or  To me it is completely  motivating to have my home functioning and running smoothly.  It might take several five minute blocks of time to get anything done these days, but it is do-able.

My Pearl of Wisdom for today is:  Find your motivation.  Is it making room for a new baby’s things? The desire for a simpler space?  Fed up with the current state of things?  The Klutter Koach is here to give you a nudge in the right direction.  So get motivated and get moving, and if I’m lucky I’m going to get some sleep.

Good luck!


The Klutter Koach


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