Using the right tool for the job

Having the right tool makes all the difference in the world.  Can you imagine having to shovel a 3- foot hill of dirt with a teaspoon?  The task would take forever.  However if someone interrupted you and handed you a shovel, the job would get done much more quickly and efficiently.  Having a proper tool makes all the difference in the world.

Here are a things i few things I want to give an honorable mention to:

  • pop-up laundry hampers-They hold all the dirty clothes without having to look at Mt. Laundrymore.
  • key tags-When we moved into our apartment we were given a handful of keys.  Heaven only knows what door they opened.  The trial and error each time we wanted to open a specific door caused major headaches.  Then I discovered key tags at the hardware store.  I now have each key labeled and we have no more confusion as to what opens what.
  • shoe boxes-I love the plastic see- through kind best.  I have at least a half-dozen.  They stack so nicely.  The stored items are visible, yet contained.
  • a wristlet clutch purse–If ‘wristlet’ isn’t a real word, it is now.  I never knew how handy it was to have one.  Usually my LL Bean backpack travels wherever I go. However, for a 10-minute round trip walk I really didn’t want to shlep the bag and found myself carrying my keys looped over one finger and gripping my phone for fear of dropping it somewhere.  I happened to go to a clothing and accessory swap and came hope with this little gem.  Now I toss my keys and phone into it and I love it.  I don’t feel like I’m going to lose my keys or my phone now.  I think I’ll write an upcoming post on the topic of item swap parties…
  • a dish bin that fits your sink-I actually use a big, round plastic bowl.
  • a backpack or purse that has all the pockets you need–My favorite is a backpack by LLBean.  It took some trial an error until I fell into this bag, but it has all the space and all the pockets for my stuff.

If I took a tour through my home, I’d probably come up with more items.  These are the ones that first came to mind.

This post is dedicated to my friend A.S. I did not know how much I missed my pop-up hampers until I got a replacement.

Happy organizing and thanks for reading.

-Karen, The Klutter Koach

Published by Karen Furman, The Klutter Koach

Hi. I'm Karen Furman. I have a background in teaching and I have always loved sharing knowledge and inspiring others. I create home organizing solutions to maximize space and transform homes spaces from chaos to calm by helping my clients make their space more functional.

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