A Post of Randomness

I usually write in paragraphs, as one should.  However, I have so many thoughts flying around my head that I should write a journal entry, word web, or use some other pre-writing technique to organize my thoughts.

I am a list-maker, and the list keeps getting longer and longer.  So here is, in list version, random thoughts of what I want to write about, but no time to fully write about each one, making this blog post one long list of future things to actually write about.  Yes, that was one big run-on sentence.

If your to-do list is also long and reading a Klutter Koach blog isn’t in your top 10 tonight, I’ll catch you next time.

  • The Underwear Post.  No, not a risque piece.  A post about managing the various categories of underwear a married frum woman has to deal with: the day to day colored undies, the white undies, and the fun sexy-time undies and how not to mess up the various types.
  • What happens when you have a jam-packed schedule and then you catch a cold.  How do you prioritize?
  • How I help people and why you should hire me.
  • My exciting home rearranging project and what we did to give 8 members their own space in a standard three bedroom Israeli apartment. Cost: FREE (minus a bottle of soda and a add-hot water soup for my teen who shlepped furniture around.)
  • My clothing redistribution program.
  • Why you should have a clothing swap.
  • My storage container purge project resulting in a lid to every container and nothing falling from the cabinet.
  • The challenge of finding new homes for items from the Great Home Rearranging Project.
  • Why it’s really important to get sleep.  zzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, if anyone has a preference on which topic will have you checking your in-box to read all about it, send me a message.  If I get no messages, I’ll write whatever I please in a timely (hahahaha) manner.

.  G’nite.  I am going to put into practice the importance of getting sleep.  Thanks for reading


The Klutter Koach

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