Allergy Season has Arrived

We’ve got a houseful of kids under the weather. If you and yours are also under the weather, get well soon!

The Klutter Koach

Allergy season has arrived.  For some of you, this is true.  For others, allergy season is year-round and the allergens just change from mold to pollen to ragweed to dust and there is no relief.  Allergy season’s cousin, cold and flu season, often comes with similar complaints with the stuffy nose-sneezing-coughing scenario.  That’s coming right around the corner.

While I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, I do have a few pearls of wisdom to impart, both on the organizational side of this topic as well as the health side of it.

Let’s start with the practical and organizational aspect.  Do you have tissues in the house?  Do you have EXTRA tissues in the house?  This is one of those things you MUST have.  If you need some, immediately run to put it on your shopping list.  I am a big list person.  (A shout out to Mom for…

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