Declutter Declutter Declutter

The Klutter Koach

Just in case you were not sure of the topic of this post, it is on the topic of decluttering.

Both in ‘real life’ as well as in cyberspace via Facebook groups, I hear people discuss how desperate they are to get organized.  I hear so many women bemoaning how difficult it is to keep the house straightened.  It does not matter if they work from home, work out of the home, or are SAHMs. Everyone has the same complaint.

The solution is NOT to run to Ikea or Target and buy some organizer product.  Why?

You cannot organize clutter.  You must get rid of it.   The solution is to declutter.

Books overflowing your bookcase?  Get rid of some-sell them, donate them, but don’t buy another bookcase, and for heaven’s sake, stop cramming them on the shelf.  Too many toys?  Pass them on. How many toys does a kid need?  Outgrown…

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