A Day in the Life: Summer Vacation

Does anyone remember the “A Day in the Life” series of books?   Photojournalists were sent to different countries to capture what a day was like in a country from early morning to late at night.   I should do the same thing and call it “A Day in the Life: Summer Vacation”.  Here is a sample of a day in my life:

6 am.  I am awake. I would rather be asleep. The baby (17 months) is sleeping in the crook of my arm.  My 4 year old curled up next to me with his head close to my hip.  I really really have to pee, but if I move,  both of them will awaken.  Perhaps I can hold out a bit longer.

7am.  Everyone except the teen is awake. Today is one of the days the neighbor kindly drives the boys to school so it’s T-minus 50 minutes. If it were a day I take them on the bus, would already be running late and I would have about twenty-five minutes to be out the door.  Now it’s time for medication dispensing, reminders for hair combing, teeth brushing,  and dressing.  Toss in a load of laundry and put dishes up to soak.  Eeew! I’ve found a bag with a wet towel and swim suit from yesterday.  Oh well.  That will have to go in the next load.

8am. Everyone is out the door, minus the teen who is still asleep.  The baby is sitting in the middle of the dining table because the chair was not put on top of the table after breakfast.  Time to straighten up.  I have a client from 10-12 today for organizing. I want to come home to my own house being orderly as well as the client’s.

9am.  Oops–missed an SMS.  Client needs to reschedule. Sigh.  I was looking forward, but gam zu la tova (this too is for the good).  The baby’s nose is running, so maybe it’s better I’m home.   One load of laundry out, another in.

10am. After rearranging the bedrooms a few months ago (read The Ultimate in Decluttering Part III-6 Years Later), I have been meaning to reorganize some of the shelves in my room.  No better time like the present. Most mornings of late have been trying to arrange for medical appointments.  One day I’ll write about having kids with special needs and the inordinate amount of time I spend making phone calls to set appointments and going to appointments. Today I’m taking the day off.

11am. Still organizing. Doing some research on food plans on the computer.  Why won’t that baby take a nap already??  Ooh….a new Facebook group has been created! Let’s see if it’s worth my time to get updates.

12 pm. Phone call from camp director for camp starting next week.  Need a doctor’s note to say all activities are fine.  Valid concern, but darn.  I was looking forward to a day off of calling doctors.  Baby finally sleeping.

1pm.  9 year old home from school.  Baby awake.  Doesn’t anyone know how to be quiet? Granted, we are in a one-floor, four room apartment.  Laundry load number three in.

2pm.  Hooray.  Doctor called back already.  Note will be ready later today, but I’ll but it on tomorrow’s agenda.  As long as I have him on the phone, what does he think of B vitamin supplements?  Oh–make an appointment to discuss?  Sigh…another appointment to schedule.  Maybe I’ll do that when I pick up that note.

3pm.  4 year old home from camp.  He brought a friend and I am so thrilled he has someone to play with.  “No honey, we aren’t playing Starfall when we have a friend over.” Baby is enthralled at having another smallish person in the house, enough of a distraction to keep him from climbing.

4pm.  Suddenly, my house is full of children and only half of them are mine.  Better here than elsewhere because I know who they are with, what they are eating, and what they are doing.  It’s too quiet..what are they up to?  No darling, we don’t touch big brother’s things.  He will be very displeased.

5pm.  The playdate has gone home.  Now 4 year old is begging for Starfall again.  I want minimal screen time.  Since the heat has cooled, I will grudgingly go to the park.  Sitting on the bench and shmoozing would be the ideal, but baby would rather run and climb.  Hence, I have to run and climb after him.  This is not my idea of fun.

6pm. Suppertime.  Choices are meatballs or lemon chicken, both leftover from Shabbos.  4 year old wants a peanut butter sandwich.  The others trickle in and claim not to be hungry or not want what is served. Sorry, darlings.  This is supper.  Yes, you can play Starfall now for fifteen minutes.

7pm.  One in the shower.  Bribing one to eat supper.  One climbing on parents like a monkey.  One outdoors.  One babysitting.  One in yeshiva–not home.

7:30.  Video time.  I am bored of Magic School Bus, so now we have a new favorite– Zaboomafoo.  You have to be done eating or no video. Take sponga stick and make a pile of things from the floor which include backpacks, shoes, and toys.  I know everything has a place, why can’t those who own those items put them back where they belong?  Who can put a few things away?  No?  Well, video will wait. Oh good, what good helpers you are.

8pm.  Video over.  Time for bed.  One quick story because I can’t deal with reading any chapter books tonight.

9pm.  They are STILL up.  Nasty Mommy is going to appear if these darlings don’t fall asleep soon.

9:15 pm.  I’m afraid to check to see who is still up.  Teen daughter is going walking with a friend and is taking the baby who is refusing to sleep.  Shabbos he attempted to climb out of the crib…and succeeded… but didn’t land feet first.  B’H he’s OK, but now putting him in the crib has me edgy.  I don’t want a repeat performance.

9:20 pm.  Boy teen waltzes in from yeshiva for the rest of the summer.   I hope the littler boys are sleeping already or we are back to square one with the bedtime.

9:44 pm.  Phone rings.  Wrong number, but has 11 year old out of room inquiring who it was.  Baby is apparently asleep in the stroller.  Hopefully will transfer into the crib.

10pm.  I think everyone under age 12 is sleeping!  Dishes will have to wait until tomorrow because I am out of energy.  Blog post done.  Dare I publish tonight, or wait until tomorrow when I notice many mistakes I didn’t see the first million times I proofread? My eyes are drooping time for bed. No more cybertime for me tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

Good night y’all.  Thanks for reading.

-Karen aka The Klutter Koach

July 19, 2016


Published by Karen Furman

Hi. I’m Karen Furman, a home organizer and decluttering professional. Organizing is something I’ve been doing since 1st grade when used to straighten everyone’s desks. Fast forward a few decades later, I turned my passion for organizing into a business. Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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