All in a Day’s Work

“What do you do?”  This is a question with multiple answers.

On the home front: I am a homemaker, devoted spouse, mother of 6, and special needs mama.

Professionally: I am a former Spanish and ESL teacher now teaching English.  I had planned on “retiring” from teaching after switching careers to massage therapy (my lifelong dream profession), but as it is said, “Man plans and G-d laughs.” Hence, I’m still in the classroom and do massage on the side. My Klutter Koaching is also on the side, though I would enthusiastically spend more hours a week organizing someone’s closet than dealing with problematic student behavior.

On Klutter Koaching: I love to de-clutter. I love coming up with organizing solutions. I love to help people with their balagan by bringing order to chaos.  I love carting off the excess and finding new homes for it.  While people are paralyzed by their own balagan, I am energized by it.

So this is me and what I do.  Whether I’m homemaking, teaching, massaging, or Koaching, I focus on that task at hand and give it my best.  It’s all in a day’s work.

Thanks for reading.

Karen, the Klutter Koach

November 23, 2016





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