Seasonal Allergies

As I’ve been scrubbing my counters and wiping crumbs from the fridge, I have been feeling absolutely miserable.  Not from this physical labor, but from symptoms of red, irritated eyes, body aches, and scratchy throat.  G-d forbid I’ve come down with pink eye or a virus.  Ain’t got no time for that ’cause Pesach is in less than a week!

I did what pharmaceutical ads typically say: “So, I talked to my doctor…”  After speaking with her, she informed me I was suffering from seasonal allergies.  I am usually allergic to autumn mold, not spring pollen.  I guess this year must be really bad for spring allergies to cause me this much misery.  I was prescribed eye drops and a daily allergy pill.  What a difference!  After two days, I’m feeling almost like a new person.

Were there seasonal allergies in ancient times?  I wonder.  There were 10 plagues brought upon the Egyptians.  While not as catastrophic as blood, frogs, lice, and the remaining seven plagues, can I rank hay-fever as plague number 11?

It’s time for my drops and meds, so I’m ending my post here.  If you are itching, sneezing, or wheezing right along with me, I commiserate.  If you aren’t, be glad this affliction has passed you by.

Thanks for reading.

Karen TKK (The Klutter Koach)


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