I’ve been making Pesach for almost 19 years.  In general, I’m into labeling contents of containers but when it comes to the time crunch of putting away non-Pesach items and unpacking Pesach items I have not been stringent with my labeling.

On Friday I was determined this year would be different.  Armed with camera, my phone open to Google Docs, and a black Sharpie marker I was prepared.  I photographed the contents of each box with the camera, labeled each box exterior with the Sharpie, and created a list of the contents on Google Docs.  It was also noted where I stashed things in order to avoid the post holiday “Where the heck is the ____?”

Pesach box chometz
Non-kosher for Pesach box #1
Pesach box inside chometz
Non-kosher for Pesach box #1
Pesach box1
Pesach box #1

This procedure was used with both the non-Pesach (Chometz) items I’ve been putting away and also the Pesach boxes being unpacked.  I know this will make a huge difference when it comes to flipping the kitchen over.  The list and photos will serve as a reference and since they are saved on-line and can be easily edited.

Thanks for taking a cleaning break to read this great tip.  I hope it makes your kitchen transition run more smoothly.  Chag kasher v’sameach.  Happy Pesach.

Karen, TKK. The Klutter Koach


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