Spring is here!

For those in the teaching profession post-spring break is the hardest time of the year to capture and sustain the attention of students.  This week’s vocabulary list included the word DEBUT which is pronounced day-byoo, not da-butt.  That got the attention of  my 8th graders plus a few laughs.

A word not on this week’s list that popped into my head is cull. Cull is a verb which means to select or choose (someone or something) from a group.

Culling clothing from the closet is one of TKK’s (The Klutter Koach’s) favorite activities.  As the weather has been getting warmer, I have been culling the cold weather clothing.  With each load of laundry I remove another sweatshirt, pair of long pants, or polartec footie pjs.

Culling clothing is an on-going process.

Transitioning between seasons is a great time to declutter.  Decluttering is constant maintenance. Not sure how? Here’s how to transition your wardrobe.

Vitual Decluttering and Organizing

If you need a Koach to encourage you through the process, I offer virtual organizing which means your geographical location doesn’t matter.  I don’t need to come to your home.  You don’t need to straighten up. I work via photos, email, Facebook live, or Skype. Learn more about  Virtual Organizing

Interested in getting started? Contact me or send a message via Facebook .

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Karen, TKK (The Klutter Koach)






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