Stolen Jewels

I once had a collection of Judaic charms I used to interchange on a gold chain. The collection was stolen.  I made the mistake of not packing them in carry-on luggage but in the checked baggage.  According to the “this bag has been checked” notification, whomever was checking for security purposes decided to pilfer my valuables in the process.  The theft went unnoticed and by the time I realized my jewellery was missing, it was too late to do anything.

The monetary value of the stolen items was less than their sentimentality.  I have resigned myself to the fact they are gone, though I do wish they were still in my possession.   However they are THINGS not SOULS.

Today was Holocaust Memorial Day, a day dedicated to remembering the 6 MILLION SOULS stolen during the horrors of the Holocaust.  Each person invaluable.  Stolen jewels.  Irreplaceable.  A charm can be replaced, a person cannot.

At 10:00 AM for the duration of two minutes, a mournful siren cries and life stand still.  It’s eerie. Imagine hitting pause on a video.  It freezes. Two minutes later, press play and the video continues.  For two minutes, we remember the stolen jewels.  Experience it for yourself here by watching traffic come to halt and people come out of their cars in silent respect.

Never again.  Never forget.

Remember the 6 Million. Thanks for reading.

Karen, TKK (The Klutter Koach)

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