The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Muffins, Soup, and a Smoothie

Today was Yom Haatzmaut, Independence Day in Israel. Aside from the patriotic aspect,  it is famed for being the day of the barbecue, known as mangal in local lingo. BBQ-flames.jpg

I have absolutely zero knowledge nor interest in manning a grill so I leave that up to my husband or teen son. While they cooked up burgers, chicken, hotdogs, and portobello mushrooms, here is what I prepared:

Banana muffins with chocolate chips IMG_20170502_095648

Cucumber avocado soup


  • Pear avocado smoothie


Recipes anyone?  If I get 10 requests, I’ll post the recipe for the cucumber avocado soup and banana muffins in a follow-up post.  You can contact me from my website, send an e-mail to, or comment under this post on The Klutter ‘s Facebook page

Happy 69th Birthday Israel and thanks for reading. israel 69.jpg

Karen T.K.K. (The Klutter Koach)



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