We’re Moving

The news came earlier this week. We must move out of our apartment within the next few months because the owner of the apartment wants to move back in. The news came out of the blue and it’s taken me a few days to get over the initial shock.

We obviously need to find a place to live but that doesn’t mean waiting until the last minute to pack.  As a Klutter Koach and moving strategist, I’ve got a plan.

I’ve come up with a written schedule similar to the one I use for Pesach cleaning in order to do this methodically.

However, before putting this plan into action, there was one thing l needed to do immediately. This was to purge my teaching materials. When this school year ends two weeks, for now, I’m leaving classroom teaching forever (G-d willing). If you’ve read any of my ‘teaching from the trenches’ posts this probably isn’t a big surprise. I’ve spent 24 years in the classroom and have many wonderful memories, but it’s time to move on.

I decided to give away all my teaching resources since these items DO NOT spark joy. A colleague is ecstatic to receive these resources are being re-homed to her and I know they will be put to good use.

It’s almost the holy Shabbos and I going back to my preparations after taking a short break to write this blog post.  More on the topic of de-cluttering before a move another time. Have a wonderful Shabbos and a good weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Karen, T.K.K.




Published by Karen Furman

Hi. I’m Karen Furman, a home organizer and decluttering professional. Organizing is something I’ve been doing since 1st grade when used to straighten everyone’s desks. Fast forward a few decades later, I turned my passion for organizing into a business. Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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