Recharge Your Battery (aka Recharge Youself)

Note to readers: Last night I was waiting for inspiration for a title.  I accidentally published the post without one.  For those of you who get The Klutter Koach e-mails, you received the untitled version in your inbox which WordPress titled as {New Post}8885. I am re-sending with the title. There is probably a technical way to resend a post via WordPress however as a technologically challenged individual, I cut and paste and resent it this way instead. As I was saying about recharging in this post…it’s best to go to sleep when tired…

Last night my house was a mess.  By bedtime I was exhausted, frazzled, and additionally stressed over a situation that’s going to take some ‘protexia’ and Divine intervention to resolve.  Ideally, I would have gone sleep with a clean house in order to wake up to a clean house.  However I have learned that my optimal energy is in the morning and to push myself at when I have zero energy reserves isn’t worth it because I will be a lot less productive than when I am well rested.

Accepting the fact that things WILL GET MESSY is not always a message one wants to hear.  There’s always going to be housework. Mt. Dishmore, Mt. Laundrymore, the toy balagan to tidy up.

Even when an organizing system is in place there will always be the maintenance aspect of keeping home. For the most part, people do not like to maintain things because it takes WORK.

Take a break.  Let down your standards. Chillax.  Wait until you have the energy to tackle the task, as it will go much quicker.  The situation can be compared to a cell phone with 1% battery left: charge it immediately or the phone will shut off.  Your body is the same way. Recharge yourself when you’re feeling “low battery”. Functioning at 1% isn’t worth the consequences.

Once again, it’s bedtime.  I straightened and found the floor.  The laundry is put away.  The dishes will greet me in the morning.  G’nite and thanks for reading.

Karen T.K.K. The Klutter Koach

October 24, 2017


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