The Olim Files #11: Snacking in Israel

After publishing The Olim Files #10: Symbols of Autumn, one of the kids came home with a Krembo. I had forgotten since last year that ’tis now the season for Krembos. While not a nature symbol like the nachlieli bird or snail, it deserves to be mentioned. A Krembo is a chocolate coated marshmallow atop a biscuit cookie. It’s too sweet for my liking, but nevertheless it’s part of the Israeli culture and appears around the start of the month of Kislev.

I thought it would be informative to continue on the topic of snack food and beverages found in Israel. Here is a list of commonly found items gracing supermarket shelves.

Bamba. Bamba is a puffed peanut butter snack. After pureed baby food, I think it is one of those introductory solid foods everyone gives their kids. It is enjoyed by both children and adults.

Bisli. Bisli is a crunchy snack made of wheat that comes in different shapes and flavors. The standard one my family likes is a spiral shape that reminds me of rotini pasta.

Shlook. A shlook is an icepop that comes in a plastic wrapper. Generally they are opened by using your teeth to tear a rip in the plastic. I am still very American prefer to use scissors. Each shlook is approximately 3 inches long.  Also called EE-gloo (think ‘igloo’).IMG_20171118_212718

Artic. (Pronounced AR-teek) An artic is a popsicle. It is larger and more flavorful tham a shlook. NMTh7Ngl

Pesek Zeman,  Keef Kef, and Klik. Say goodbye to Hershey and MnM Mars products and get used to these chocolates. Pesek Zeman is an aerated bit of heaven (IMHO), Keef Kef is like a Kit Kat, and Klik are bite-sized chocolate coated balls  or ‘pillows’ with something in the center.

Pretzels. Called Bagele. There are generally two brands available and found in more stores where nosh is sold.

Petel. Raspberry syrup. Add some to plain water or seltzer. My kids like the brand with the lion on it.7290000063300

Shoko. Chocolate milk. It comes in cartons, bottles, and plastic bags. It’s another one of those bags you need to rip open with your teeth. 382570501000100408274no-1

Spring juices. A wide variety of flavors that can be purchased in either cartons ir bottles.

Milky. Chocolate pudding with whipped cream. According to my daughter they come in chocolate pudding with white whipped cream or white pudding with chocolate on top. 1200px-Milky_(pudding).JPG

For those who know me, know I am more likely to serve peanut butter oatmeal balls, homemade date-nut bars, or stove-top popped popcorn. However I do enjoy the occasional indulgence of the less than healthy nosh. Perhaps a future Olim Files post will be on the topic of healthy food like kohlrabi, kale, and quinoa.

Thanks for reading and happy snacking. If found this post informative please share on Facebook, social media, and with your contacts.

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November 19, 2017

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