Who’s washing the dishes?

Cooking, cooking, cooking and eating, eating, and eating. There are sure to be dishes. How do you manage Mt. Dishmore?

The Klutter Koach

My last post a few mere hours ago was on the topic of planning for a big meal.

As a follow-up, let’s talk about clean up.  Who’s washing the dishes tonight, or any night for that matter?  In my household, it’s usually me, me, and me.  However, The Klutter Koach is training her small army of little Furmans and they are all in various stages of learning these skills.  Even my 3-year old can clear his place and bring his cup, plate, and silverware to the sink.  Yes, he REALLY does this.  Gotta start them young.

Here are my Pearls of Wisdom for avoiding Mt. Dishmore:

  • Start when you are still in the process of cooking.  Keep a hot, soapy dish bin, large large bowl, or pot near your work space.  Deposit the dirty spatulas, spoons, etc. into the soapy water.  Even if you wait a bit before actually washing…

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