Beware the Ides of…December

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you NEED it. Too much stuff that you don’t need = clutter. Think carefully before making a purchase.

The Klutter Koach

Hello and blessings my dear readers.  In Julius Caesar it warned ‘Beware of the ides of March’.  I am warning you about the ides of December and the resulting clutter that can result from your shopping habits.

The Klutter Koach is very very worried for some of you right now.  I don’t even you who YOU are.

Why am I worried?  I am concerned for you because ‘Tis the Season of ‘let’s spend lots of money we probably don’t have on things we don’t need’.

Is it really worth getting up and going shopping at 5 am to save $5?  Wouldn’t you rather use your day off to sleep in a bit?  Do you really need something because it’s “on sale”?  If you aren’t consumer savvy, I’ll tell you a little secret.  The the clever marketers jack up the prices and then reduce the prices and call it a ‘sale’.

What are you going to…

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