My Journey to Alternative Health and my Crazy Diet to go along with it

Today I met someone local who sells kombucha and sourdough bread! I was reminded about my journey to alternative health in 1997, a time when I had never heard of these wonderfully healthy items.

The Klutter Koach

Title sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  Bet it got your attention.  Probably should have capitalized more of the words, but what the heck, I just didn’t feel like it. If I have to put up with people’s horrible grammar, spelling, and text abbreviations, a few lowercase letters will do no permanent damage in the grand scheme of things.

Once upon a time I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread and drank Hi-C grape drink everyday.  I ate chocolate chip cookies by the coffee can. (My dear grandmother of blessed memory used to bake them and stored them in coffee cans).  Breakfast generally was generally cereal and milk, toast, or eggs.  We didn’t have “sugar cereals” at home but generally limited to Kix, Cheerios, and Raisin Bran.

I had a lot of colds and sore throats.  I was given a lot of antibiotics.  Are you cringing yet?

When I was in college, I…

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