Healthy Food Choices

The Klutter Koach

One day this week the local weather predicted gusting winds and rain, with snow in a nearby vicinity.

Around 1:00 pm not only did we get rain and wind, but also hail, thunder, and lighting.

It was the snuggle up with a good book type of weather. The howling wind made me think of the times of Laura Ingalls Wilder living in the Big Woods of Wisconsin.  I thought about their root cellars for their food storage.  What were they storing?  Whatever they grew, picked, jarred, milled, or dried themselves was what was found there. The food wasn’t boxed or bagged. The items were not comprised of multiple unpronounceable ingredients.

As a contrast to the Ingalls family, people of our era get their food mainly from a store and then keep the items in pantries, cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.

I watch people at the grocery store.  Yes, I admit I am a people watcher.  I watch them fill their carts.  I observe…

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