The Secret to Happiness

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t know the secret to happiness.  HOWEVER, I recently discovered two things which have made me much happier.  The first was an inspirational message I saw: “Turn your “have to’s” into “get to’s.” You don’t have to go to work-you get to go to work…It’s an attitude we can all use every day to view our lives through a lens of gratitude.Bert Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Life is Good.

My thought process did 60 with this simple quote.  I’ve heard over and over to “be grateful”, “keep a gratitude journal”, and “count your blessing.” I usually remember this advice only when things go kaput, like our air conditioning on a 88 F day or after watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Then I remember to be extremely grateful for things like good health, family, working appliances, running water, and indoor plumbing. My self-talk has been a lot “have to’s” and now I am focusing on the positive “get to-s”.

The second thing which has increased my happiness was turning off all notification sounds on my phone.  Without all the constant bings, dings, and pings.I feel less on-edge, less on-call. The urgency factor of needing to respond was really getting my adrenaline up. Decluttering this cybernoise has really made me feel less agitated and more in control of my time and not a victim of technology. I feel I’ve returned to a simpler and happier era.

Try these two tips yourself.  You may just be happier for it.  I know I am. Thanks for reading.


May 9, 2018



3 thoughts on “The Secret to Happiness

  1. Hilarious! In a great instance of coincidence, I had also turned off my notifications yesterday and was telling Dan how much I loved being in greater control of when I check my phone. Also not being constantly distracted was a gift. Wishing y’all a shabbat shalom, Rebecca


  2. I love the second one – turning notifications off your phone. I did that a long while ago (although sometimes some apps slip up) and I definitely love not feeling attached to it. Though that goes out the window soon as I’m sending a message I care for a reply to.


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