Help Save a Life!

Ahava Emunah Lange (Love Faith, in translation), a cherished community member,  has been fighting for her life for the past 6 years.  My personal connection to Ahava Emunah is that I had the pleasure of teaching one of her children.

Ahava Emunah is now undergoing treatments in Turkey for the cancer and as you can imagine, the treatments are very $$$$$. A GoFundMe campaign began a week ago to raise funds.  Here are the most recent stats at the time of me writing this blog:

$78,891 of $350,000 goal 

Raised by 907 people in 9 days  (8:58 AM October 8, 2018)

Quoted from the GoFundMe page:

For years, our dear friend Ahava Emunah Lange, has made one request of us: “Please keep me in mind in your prayers and when doing good deeds.”

Unfortunately, Ahava’s fight has reached a critical point, and for the first time, she needs the financial support of her friends across the world. Ahava is now trying a treatment of last resort in Turkey ( ). Together with her husband David, she is full of hope that this new approach could indeed prove to be revolutionary; and as we well know, she will do anything to keep up the hope that she can continue to see her beautiful children grow up with their mother.

We are raising money now to help her family cover the costs of this treatment. Please donate generously.

To read more about Ahava; check out her blog

If you would like to join in a worldwide 15-minute prayer event taking place on Tuesday, October 9

Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2018

At 3 PM Israel time, there will be a LIVE 15 minute chant (El Na R’fah Na La – Please, God, Heal Her Please) for the healing of our beloved Ahava Emunah!!

To learn more about Ahava Emunah:
You can visit her blog at:
Or her Facebook page at:
Or the GoFundMe Page:

Thanks for reading.  You can help by donating to the GoFundMe campaign, sharing the links, or praying for Ahava Emunah’s recovery.

Karen, T.K.K.

October 8, 2018

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