The Olim Files #11: S’Mores, Meet Krembos

Chocolate, marshmallow, and a cookie. Is it s’mores or something else? A snack attack has hit. Whatcha gonna eat?

The Klutter Koach

After publishing The Olim Files #10 Pumpkin-Spiced Latte, one of the kids came home with a Krembo. I had forgotten since last year that ’tis now the season for Krembos.  A Krembo is a chocolate-coated marshmallow fluff atop a biscuit cookie.  It’s too sweet for my liking, but nevertheless it’s part of the Israeli culture and makes its appearance after Sukkot.

I thought it would be informative to continue on the topic of snacks and nosh foods found in Israel. Here is a list of commonly found snacks and beverages items gracing supermarket shelves.

Bamba. Bamba is a puffed peanut butter snack. After pureed baby food, I think it is one of those introductory solid foods everyone gives their kids. It is enjoyed by both children and adults.

Bisli. Bisli is a crunchy snack made of wheat that comes in different shapes and flavors. The standard one my family likes…

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