Cleaning Ladies Aren’t Organizers

I’m an observer and a listener.  In public spaces, cyber or actual, I hear different people repeating the same conversations regarding their cleaning help.  Besides the comments of “not reliable” and “Does your cleaner speak English?” I’m privy to one additional comment when working with clients. The number one statement excitedly said  usually prefaced with an “Oh–here it is!!!” is “The cleaning lady puts everything in a pile/ bag / chair and I wondered where that (item) was!” This almost always is noted when I’m delving deep into piles unknown to sort when I’m midst an organizing session.

My unspoken question with all due respect, is where is the cleaning help (or resident family members) expected to put these homeless items?  If you request things to be put away where are they to go because there isn’t space? Or no designated place?

Here’s where I can work some magic. Envision with me putting items away without wrestling a jammed drawer or crammed closet. While I don’t wave a wand, I can help conquer clutter, clear chaos, and utilize space more efficiently. The services I provide have long term benefits beyond the time we spend working together.

The secret is no secret.  The solution is to de-clutter, downsize, and then organize. YOU CAN’T ORGANIZE CLUTTER.  If there is too much stuff, you can tidy a pile, but that doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Make some decisions. Keep the essentials, re-home the extras, and organize the remainder.  So the next time the cleaning lady comes, it won’t be a superficial tidy, but everything will be returned to its place.

Why hire a home organizer? You will SAVE MONEY in the long-run.

  • You will save money because you will find ‘lost’ items, thus not have to buy another
  • Realize you have multiples of the save item hence no need to purchase even more duplicates
  • Slash your grocery bill. Make delicious meals with what you already have hiding in your kitchen and prevent food waste

One more way I will save you money is RE-PURPOSING items which is you already own and can be used in a new way. Do not to run out to Ikea or other home store to purchase “something.”  The first step is to see what we’re dealing with and what you’re left with before you can organize it properly.  Just like it’s not advisable to buy a pair of shoes by eyeballing them for fit, it’s the same with organizing products. Don’t buy until you know the size you’re going to need, if you need anything at all.

Whether you are your own ‘cleaning lady’ or you outsource, in addition to my regulare 2 or 4 hour sessions, I’ve come up with a great idea to solve the ‘cleaning lady problem’ with ORGANIZE TO CLEAN. For 8 hours a month you get to choose from the following services:

  • Organizing project(s)
  • Memory preservation=creating heirloom scrapbooks with photos and memorabilia
  • Shop your kitchen menu planning=create menus with what’s already in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Ultimately, you will save money and avoid food waste.
  • Organize To Put Away Option #1: organize a clothing space then have clean laundry folded and put away
  • Organize To Put Away Option #2: organize a kitchen space and then have dishes washed to put away with ease
  • Organize to Put Away Option #3: downsize before a move.  Why pay movers more than you need to? Downsize items before your move which means less to pack, less to unpack, and less money to pay the mover.

See my services page for more details.

I love what I do. Plus I find it extremely rewarding to help people manage their space more effectively.

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December 8, 2018





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