Problem: Kid Coats on the Floor

Maybe it’s just in my home, but kid coats always seem to end up strewn across floor. Or on  the couch. Or dropped in the doorway.  There’s a coat tree for the taller family members, but what about the little people?

Hanging hooks on the wall is a great solution for some families, but not ours.  We rent and don’t want to drill holes in the wall.  Even if we decided to put holes in the wall, I would have to hire a handyman since I don’t have a drill for cement walls.

I pondered a solution. Perhaps a coat tree for kid height would be good.  Good idea, but where to buy one locally?

Then BOOM.  A flash of inspiration like a lightning bolt hit me.  I could hang the over-the-door rack on the back of a straight-backed sturdy chair! VOILA!  a SOLUTION. I have chairs and I have over-the-door-hooks.

It’s been 3 days and so far so good.


Of course this isn’t where the chair is normally located.  It’s pushed up against the table and fully usable. I decided to put a piece of cloth over the chair to protect the wood from potential scratches.


My chairs are sturdy tipping over isn’t a concern for me.  But if you have a chair that may have tipping potential you can put something heavy on the seat to weight it down. A backpack or a basket filled with outdoor gear like hats and gloves would be something to use.

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Karen, T.K.K.

December 16, 2018

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