How Many Clothes are ‘Enough’?

Last night the wind was fiercely blowing.  I had hung my laundry out to dry earlier that day. Hours later, a family member alerted me that the laundry was whirling around reminiscent of the tornado scene from Wizard of Oz.  As I dashed outdoors to capture the garments, I arrived a second too late as a white shirt literally went airborne and soared like a kite off the to destinations unknown.

We live on the second floor of an apartment building so my hope is the escaped shirt landed in the yard of one of the downstairs neighbors.  However, if the shirt is not visiting a neighbor and its whereabouts are to remain a mystery, we are down a shirt.

The era of ‘one to wash, one to wear, one to spare’ is long gone (a phrase used by my grandmother who lived during the days of the Great Depression). Thank G-d we are blessed with more abundance but how much is too much?

Pleasurable thought: Pretend you are packing for a ten day vacation and have chosen not to do any laundry while you are away or Unpleasant thought: Your washer broke (bli ayin hara) and your repair person is out of town for ten days (as he chose the two week vacation option).  You might pleasantly find you have ample clothing to get through those ten days.

I saw this meme posted on Facebook. Thumbs up if you agree and thumbs down if you don’t.  Since I can’t see which thumb you selected, feel free to reply which one you chose. too many jeans

Since my suspicion is this illustration holds true for many, keep in mind spring cleaning/ Pesach cleaning is around the corner…

Have a wonderful day and wishing you success at selecting an outfit today that makes you feel fabulous.

Thanks for reading.

Karen, T.K.K.

February 26, 2019

Published by Karen Furman

Hi. I’m Karen Furman, a home organizer and decluttering professional. Organizing is something I’ve been doing since 1st grade when used to straighten everyone’s desks. Fast forward a few decades later, I turned my passion for organizing into a business. Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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