Living in the Moment

Whether a holiday, age, or season, how often do we live in the moment and enjoy what’s happening in the here and now? There’s a Facebook group called Garden n country that posts seasonal photos, nature pictures, and a “Who remembers _?” such as “Who Remembers grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup?” (I DO!!! and I would love some right now… ).

bread with cheese fillings on white ceramic plate
image from Unsplash by Pixolo Photography

When I originally wrote this post in April 2019 there was a photo of a decorated pine tree captioned ‘8 months until Christmas’ in my newsfeed. Curious as to the replies as  eight months seemed a long time for a countdown I read:

  • It comes fast enough.  There are other important dates between now and December.
  • We have spring, summer, and fall.  We’ve had a long winter and want to think about something other than snow.
  • Don’t rush your life away.
  • Pretty tree.

I was intrigued by the sage wisdom and the variety of viewpoints posted in the comments.  While I didn’t read all 1300 comments, the consensus of those I read was ENJOY THE HERE AND NOW.

The current month is JANUARY. It is WINTER. I am glad it’s not scorching hot outdoors. I’m glad I can wear my tall black boots and warm cable-knit sweaters.  I am not counting down the days until the next season begins.  I am enjoying the NOW.


What about you? What you are enjoying now? Leave a message in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Karen, The Klutter Koach.  April 25, 2019 (updated January 2, 2020)


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