The Klutter Koach: A video clip!

The saying “A picture says 1000 words” came out before the advent of modern technology. So if a picture can say so much then what about a video? When I was a classroom teacher starting my career in 1993, I loved my overhead projector (do you youngins even know what I’m referring to?…)Then computers came along. Then power point presentations. Then internet. Forward to 2011.  I asked students to take notes and they whipped out cell phones and took photos.  Speechless I was. Times they are a changin’.

I’m a technologically challenged individual. However, I created a short slideshow on my computer.  When I went to share it on my blog, WordPress alerted me my current plan didn’t include the option for uploading videos.

After some deliberation, I concluded the time had arrived to upgrade.  Hence INTRODUCING THE KLUTTER KOACH’S FIRST BLOG POST VIDEO! Here’s a slideshow of awesome BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS of spaces transformed.

So enjoy this clip.  Yes, the there is one photo where the ‘after’ photo is labelled as ‘before’ because the collage maker wouldn’t switch the order of the photos.  Case in point of being technologically challenged…

One additional exciting change besides videos is my BLOG has CATEGORIES! They can be found in the blog drop-down menu and on the right sidebar (credit going to my awesome web-designer friend Chanale). If you enjoyed a specific post, you can now easily find more in the same category!  Feel free to contact me with your favorite posts and/or suggestions for topics you’d like me to write about.

Thanks for reading (and WATCHING!)


June 25, 2019


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