The Olim Files #24: Storage Space

I debated whether Storage Space or Lack of Storage Space would be the better title, as the latter is more accurate.  Unlike the phone pop-up reminder “storage space almost full…manage your storage in settings” we don’t need a reminder that our space if full. What we need is a plan.

The problem is how to find more space. This situation often comes from having too much stuff…but…for the sake of argument let’s say the lack of storage is really the problem.

After 9 years in Israel I’ve learned a thing or two about creative storage space.  There are endless possibilities for hanging shelves or cabinets on the wall, but if you are renting or don’t want to put holes in the wall then here are some other options.

  • Hang kiddie riding toys by wheels or handle bars from the railing of a mirpeset (porch)  Riding toys are called ‘bimbas’ (don’t ask why…I have no clue why it’s called that) and scooters that look like a skateboard with a long handle bar are called ‘korkinets’. It may be time to bid adieu to a Cozy Coupe if you have one because the are so bulky and take up too much space. Think of the cars the adults drive in Israel: smaller and practical (you won’t see many Chevy 4×4 pickup trucks or 12 passenger vehicles).  Your kids should do the same and have a smaller vehicle.  As long as it has wheels and goes…
  • Over-the-door hooks are great for coats, towels, sweatshirts, bags, and more.
  • Beds with under the bed storage. Instead of a box spring, the ‘box’ part is for storage. The mattress is on a hinge and raising it exposes the storage underneath. This is great for out of season clothing or bedding.  Some beds also have a pullout drawer underneath the bed. For the beds that don’t, I recommend storage bags that you can squish out the air and you can shove as much out of season clothes as possible under the bed. Avoid cardboard, as it attracts critters.
  • Use non-traditional places for storage.  For example our buffet has six drawers and a large cabinet.  Two of the drawers I use for standard dining room objects like tablecloths and cloth napkins. Three drawers I utilize for my kids ‘junk drawers’ and the fourth is for activity books. In our salon there is a bookcase with cabinets underneath which I use for storing the clothes of my youngest kiddos.
  • Utilize the tops of appliances. I store mine on top of the fridge and wash machine.  I  keep medications on the top of my fridge.  The items on my fridge are in coordinated baskets which provides for a coordinated look. IMHO I also think it’s safer than keeping poisons under the sink.
  • Use vertical space by purchasing bookcases and closets that reach as close to the ceiling as possible.

For more ideas, I recommend checking out Yael Wiesner’s  Quick Tip on the topic of finding more storage space around your home. Yael is a well-known professional organizer, interior designer, and author. Her website is

Of course, a de-clutter session always frees up storage space and dare I say it…limiting purchases as to not bring new items home will keep the situation from getting worse. That’s all I have to say about that…changing your shopping habits isn’t my jurisdiction, but I can suggest…

Thanks for reading and choosing you spend your time on

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Karen, The Klutter Koach

August 21, 2019

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