The Aliyah Files #26: My home is so dusty! Help!

Unicorns are very ‘in’ these days.  So is fairy dust and glitter. These things are cutesy and girly. But… if we’re a grown-up and have a home to manage REAL DUST is no fairy tale. No forest creature is going to come to sweep the house. At the moment dust (the real stuff, not the fairy kind) is on every flat surface in my home.

Image result for fairy dust"
fairy dust=cutesy=good


Image result for dust me image"
real dust=not cutesy=not good

DUST (noun) must be DUSTED (verb) periodically. BUT with the wild windy weather and wide windows (alliteration), the DUST IS EVERYWHERE. In attempting to wipe down the fine layer of grit on my keyboard it wrote unintentionally to my friend [P0O9I8U7Y6T5RE43vcx-*=-098765432 😂 But this isn’t so HAHA funny because the dust is truly everywhere this morning after having had the windows open yesterday. (FYI I was previously a language teacher, hence all the grammar references.)

THE KLUTTER KOACH ADVISES if you have lots of surface clutter or plushy toys you may want to CONSIDER downsizing your collection or packing some things away. The more stuff you have, the more things that need to be maintained.

HARSH REALITY: Even if you have doors on your closets, cabinets, or bookcases you WOULD BE AMAZED to note how dust ends up everywhere. Although there is less exposure in closed storage, you will still find dust almost everywhere.

If you have allergies, the more clutter you have the more dust you have, and the more miserable you may be if you have to deal with both the dust and the allergies.

TRUTH. I don’t have much clutter. It would be a lie to say I had zero clutter but...paper multiplies like Gremlins in water. Any flat surface seems to be covered in something when I turn my head.  So this dust issue is as much a problem for me as it is for anyone, just to a lesser degree.

So before you are contemplating 11-11 sales or Black Friday sales or any other purchase whether sale or non-sale, remember all these items you bring into your home need upkeep.  New in a box or on a hanger looks pristine.  New out of the box will get dusty just like everything else.

Thanks for reading.  Give a LIKE to this post if you hate dusting.

Karen, The Klutter Koach

November 7, 2019


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