The Aliyah Files #27 You’ve finished your stash of Motrin and Tylenol, now what? Here’s the Israeli OTC medication guide for Fever, Aches & Pains

When I’m achy and miserable I want relief.  I also want TLC, soup, and a hot beverage but that can’t be bought at the pharmacy.  So what OTC meds can one find at a pharmacy in Israel that are equivalent to the familiar brands we know and trust from the USA?  Here’s an Illustrated Guide for OTC medication for Fever,Aches & Pains…with a bonus product for Sinus pain relief.

One thing you’ll notice is the packaging generally has English on one side and Hebrew on the other.  Another thing you’ll notice is the instruction leaflet inside the box is written in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. As with any medication, check with your doctor/healthcare provider if you have any questions.

Ready for some relief? Here are your options:

Acamoli English side of box
Acamoli=Children’s Tylenol
Acamoli Hebrew side of box
The Hebrew side of the box of Acamoli
Nurofen for Children
Nurofen for Children=Children’s Motrin
Narocin=Naproxen Sodium= Alleve

If you’re a fellow sufferer of sinus pressure, there’s Flixonase (Flonase) which is not OTC and Sinufed (Sudafed) which is OTC but like the USA you need to show identification and can only fill one box at a time.


All 4 of the kupot (coo-POHT), (Leumit, Clalit, Macabee, and Meuchedet) have pharmacies. Superpharm is a national pharmacy.  There are also private pharmacies.

In Ramat Bet Shemesh I want to give a shout-out to Arthur of Arthur’s Natural Pharmacy  Not only does Arthur’s carry prescription meds, OTC meds, and vitamins, but also natural remedies. The customer service is excellent, the store is clean and well-stocked, and unlike the kupot which often close in the middle of the day or early on some days, Arthur’s is “Open 8-8 and don’t be late!”

Wishing you a “Choref Bah-rie”, the blessing for a healthy winter.

Karen, The Klutter Koach

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