The Aliyah Files #28 The Aliyah Homemaker: Washing floors the Israeli way

When I made aliyah we moved to Karmiel in Northern Israel. Karmiel had a very small Anglo population so my neighbors were all native Israelis.  While not having English-speaking neighbors was a challenge, these neighbors helped me acquaint a new culture as well as indoctrinate me to the ways of Israeli-style home management.


preparing to do sponja

Multiple times I’ve been requested to make a video of doing sponja and I’m pleased to announce I FINALLY made it happen! INTRODUCING MY PREMIER YOUTUBE VIDEO! SPONJA: THE VIDEO

Not to keep you in suspense any longer,  but in order to reach a wider audience, I posted the method with accompanying video on Blog Times of Israel…so I kindly direct you to click the link 

You’ll have step-by-step instructions for what I call SPONJA METHOD #1 and the tutorial video of Yours Truly demonstrating how it’s done.

So if you scrolled all the way to the bottom without clicking on the link to Blog Times of Israel, you’ve missed the video and tutorial! Here another opportunity

OR you just want so see the video without the accompanying instuctions go directly to YouTube

If you found this information helpful, check out other Olim Files posts and share the link with your friends.

Thanks for reading (and watching!)

Karen, The Klutter Koach

January 16, 2020





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