4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus

Yesterday, May 14, was my birthday.  Since Corona restrictions are easing up, my exciting birthday outing was to the pharmacy for a prescription refill of allergy medication.  Woo-hoo! Considering pollen abounds and I’ve been miserable without this pill, I was quite excited to hop a bus, albeit be-masked, to run this errand.  A shirt with a disclaimer “I have allergies – may sneeze” would have completed my Corona look along with the blue latex gloves and hand sanitizer, but luckily no sneeze dared happen on my expedition.

Upon returning home, I opened the front door and saw what looked like the aftermath of a tornado.  I won’t recount the details but you can imagine that a houseful of eight people in a three-bedroom, one-floor apartment is a DAILY STRUGGLE to keep on top of.

OK, truth be told, I did leave for the errand with the home in a state of imperfection but upon returning it hadn’t self-cleaned and in fact had gotten worse. (Yes, I enlist kids who created the disarray in the first place but they more often than not get distracted mid-task and aren’t self-motivated to clean up without my watchful eye).

Will I ever live in a clean house again???

Magic 8 Ball

The million-dollar question

Since I’m now 49 and was in the mood for a flashback 1970s fun, I decided to ask the Magic 8 Ball my question.  Since I no longer own a Magic 8 Ball, would you believe there is a website called Ask 8-Ball? (Which I only discovered upon writing this post.)

I asked. It answered. Take note of the reply below.

Magic 8Ball

So there you have it, the Magic 8 Ball said No. My house will NEVER be clean again.  It could have said Maybe or Cannot Predict Now or Outlook Good, but no.  Just NO. Since I’m generally an optimistic soul I didn’t like the reply of gloom and doom, maybe I’ll check with the Ouija board for a second opinion. LOL

But all joking aside, how can one be organized during our Home Stay until Covid-19 has passed and any time thereafter?

4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Organized

  1. Straighten up daily and often. Do chores when you have the most energy.  In the example above I purposely didn’t clean up the previous night because my energy reserves were depleted.  Recognizing it would take twice as long to complete the task, I waited.  Normally, I would have done the straightening first thing but I had to PRIORITIZE in order to complete my errand by a certain time. For curious minds, we did indeed tidy up soon after I got home.
  2. Declutter  This is my FAVORITE TOPIC.  By now I might presume you have a good idea of what items you use/don’t use / wear / don’t wear / like / don’t like.  If you aren’t already using or wearing these things during a global pandemic and economic crisis chances are it’s clutter and you can pass it on. The less clutter there is, the easier it is to put things away, take things out, and find what you need.
  3. Get rid of e-clutter  Delete old emails, Zoom links, WhatsApp messages, PDFs, etc. It frees up your storage as well as reduces stress.  While I can’t provide the scientific data, I have read there is a correlation between clutter and one’s mental outlook.  I can vouch for myself that when my in-box has less than 20 emails I feel more relaxed and have a positive mental outlook. When the number of communications starts soaring I get agitated.   Whatever your number is, keep it below that.
  4. Have routines and a chore schedule   For this I want to introduce you to Martha Cilley, the Flylady.  You start the day with a swish and swipe of the bathroom, a shiny sink in the kitchen, and shoe wearing.  Martha will teach you how to have morning routines, evening routines, how to tackle a Hotspot (a place where clutter accumulates).  It’s not an all or nothing if you use her method but I find it very practical and effective and have been using it for years.

If you’re just so busy / overwhelmed /stressed / can’t multi-task any more, try to incorporate at least one of these tips into your day and see how it goes.

Stay safe. Be well. Thanks for reading.

Karen, The Klutter Koach



Published by Karen Furman, The Klutter Koach

Hi. I'm Karen Furman. I have a background in teaching and I have always loved sharing knowledge and inspiring others. I create home organizing solutions to maximize space and transform homes spaces from chaos to calm by helping my clients make their space more functional.

2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus

  1. Love that you have implemented some of the things we learned in the 21 day challenge.
    You have a typo in 4th tip. Martha will teach you how have. ( missing the word to I think)

    Anyway good luck. You have motivated to work on implementing my own stuff online


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