Got Loose change? Declutter & Donate

Do you have lots of loose coins in your purse or wallet? Or money collecting in a jar? Consider DECLUTTERING them as well as DONATING THEM TO A WORTHY CAUSE at the same time.


There is a local organization that is running a Cause-Match Fundraiser called Hatzala. They are EMTs/ first responders to urgent medical situations.

3 years ago my husband, Shmuel, had a heart attack.

heart attack

Though it wasn’t clear initially that my husband was having a heart attack, he was having chest pains and shortness of breath. He was rushed to the hospital where two blockages were discovered. One of the blockages was located in an artery the cardiologist called THE WIDOW MAKER.

I can’t say enough about Hatzala’s professionalism and care from the person who took the phone call to the responders who came on-site.

hatzah responders

Hatzala Bet Shemesh also assisted us when one child had a broken arm, another was dehydrated, and another time for a different medical situation.
If you want to donate to a WORTHY CAUSE, I ENCOURAGE YOU to donate to HATZALA BET SHEMESH. EVERY DOLLAR /SHEKEL COUNTS! While I proposed donating loose change, credit cards and other forms of payment are welcomed.

CAUSE MATCH CAMPAIGN: I Support Hatzala Bet Shemesh


Though the campaign is time-sensitive, a donation can be made at any time.

Regardless if you choose to donate to this cause, I bet there are still loose coins in your bag or purse.  I encourage you to find a local charity to donate them to and can fathom to guess that during these trying times, acts of kindness and charity will be what will save (Hatzala) a life and help others.


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