The Aliyah Files #31 Moving Tips on Packing Books for the Jewish Home


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Jewish homes have lots of books.  Marie Kondo’s suggestion of a 30-book limit just doesn’t work for us, so when it comes to packing up bookcases prior to moving there’s a lot of work to be done.  I highly recommend doing a book purge prior to packing so you are only bringing books you love to your new home, but if you’re ready to pack here are some tips.

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Solid or Fun Prints to Denote Rooms

Color code by room.  If you have more than one room with a bookcase and plan to have a similar setup in the new place, use colored stickers or colored duct tape to denote to which room the box belongs. For example living room=green, bedroom #1=blue, bedroom #2=yellow.

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Label the side + top of the box.  When the boxes are stacked, you can’t see the labels.

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Separate kodesh (holy/religious) and chol (non-religious).   There is a halacha (Jewish law) about not stacking nonreligious books on top of a kodesh (holy) books which I  confirmed this with my rabbi, so I would presume that what applies to stacking would also apply to packing. In practical lingo, keep your Gemorahs and Chumashim in separate boxes from your New York Times bestsellers.

Use small-sized boxes for books. If you are looking for second-hand boxes, ask around to see who has moved recently and offer to take the boxes off their hands.  If you’re hunting around town for boxes, the boxes that the 2-liter soda bottles come in are a nice size. Just don’t use something too big or the box will get really heavy.  Also, if possible, try to keep the boxes approximately the same size.

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If you want to be uber-organized, pack by category.  Think of a library and how books are arranged. They are grouped by topic.  Some people already have similar topics grouped together.  If you don’t, no worries, and don’t stress about it.  Just consider organizing your shelves by categories post-move.

Finally, be sure the tape at the bottom of the box is securely reinforced.  There’s nothing worse than a poorly taped box that breaks open.

If you haven’t started packing yet, I suggested doing a book purge. Here’ a post about downsizing your book collection using what I call “the onion analogy”.

Have questions about what to take on Aliyah?  Contact me.

Thanks for reading.

Karen, The Klutter Koach



Published by Karen Furman

Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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