I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect.

I’m Corona positive.  How did it happen?  Who’s to say…the germ found me and invaded.  I’m recovering, thank G-d but I didn’t think it would be like this.  It’s not the horror story of symptoms we’ve been indoctrinated into fearing since lockdown. I was just going to lay low and let it pass, but once I shared the news with my circles I received numerous messages with questions.  As someone who has always been one to disperse knowledge, here’s the scoop about my experience thus far.

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I’ll start by saying that we were uber careful with mask-wearing, hand washing, social distancing, and using good hygiene practices. I believe masks help to stay safe.  I don’t think anything is perfect…like birth control.  There’s always that percent when it just doesn’t work, even when used properly.

One of my kids first came down with symptoms that we presumed were either due to a cold, allergies, or both.  A low fever popped up but never reached above 99F.  During months of lockdown, we were barraged with horror stories of high fevers, coughing, and breathing difficulties. The child complained of a sore throat and a headache, the classic strep-like symptoms my kids get.

A few days passed with no improvement and I thought it wise to get a throat culture. I asked if they would do a Corona test and was told the child “didn’t meet the criteria” to be tested.

After the strep test came back negative and it became known the child had direct contact with someone who tested positive for Corona, the child was tested for Corona and the test came back positive, which quite frankly, was a shock.

Meanwhile, I start not feeling well.  I started having body aches.  It hurt to be touched.  I checked my temperature.  No fever.  I have an oil for tight muscles my acupuncturist gave me. It’s got menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor-really powerful stuff you can smell a mile away.  I put some on my tight shoulder muscles (from stress…go figure why I have any stress in my life).  If felt the tingle of the oil, but then it dawned on me I COULDN’T SMELL it.  In addition to all the horror stories we had heard, I also heard that loss of smell is a symptom indicating a high probability of Corona. I held the bottle under my nose and couldn’t smell a darn thing.  Uh oh.  This wasn’t good.

I continued to have body aches and no fever.  I couldn’t smell.  I was very tired.  Not like sleepy tired, but more like when I was pregnant and feeling drained.  I was too awake to fall asleep and too sleepy to want to be awake.  I couldn’t concentrate on the book I was reading and scrolling on the computer bothered me.  I wouldn’t describe it as a headache or feeling dizzy, neither of which is accurate, but more like a feeling of needing to close my eyes because the speed of something moving quickly in front of my eyes bothered me and caused discomfort.

It’s been almost two weeks. I’m still stuffy.  If it were a cold, there’s what to blow into a tissue, but there’s nothing.  It’s like my passages are swollen and it’s really difficult to breathe through my nose.  I’m still tired, but not as that draining exhaustion. Granted, I’m not trying to be supermom, have super low standards to keep my household afloat, but I still have a houseful of active kids who have been cooped up for two weeks so “attempting” to rest is just that, an attempt.  Scrolling on a screen still bothers me.

Today I was able to detect a slight smell to my oil when I wafted the bottle under my nose.  Slight is better than nothing, so I’ve very happy about that.  My doctor says I can use a saline spray to help with the congestion.

One thing that’s stopping me from resting, besides the kids, is the deluge of phone calls from the doctor’s office, Iryiah (local government), and other government organizations.  I have been asked countless times what my symptoms are/were and when they started.  Where have we been in the past two weeks (nowhere).  After we go over the symptoms I’m asked if I need anything:

“How are  you, do I need anything?”

Me: “Well, I need to get out of my house, a maid, fast food delivery, some mint chocolate ice cream, beach sand, some hanging plants, and flowers.”

“Sorry, we can’t help you with that, but we can send you some meals or have someone run errands for you. Let us know. ”

Explaining the same thing over and over again is getting very cumbersome.  The royal treatment of concern for being of the status “Corona Positive” far exceeds any attention I got from my c-sections, regular births, or any other cold or flu in my adult life.

Aside from the symptoms and how I’m feeling, I want to give a shout to all the neighbors, chesed organizations, friends, and community members who are all checking on us, running errands, bringing food, bringing things for the kids.  The virus has proven that people want to help each other and that kindness cannot go unnoticed and unmentioned.  If you do get sick, reach out to those who can help you and it’s a great blessing to have people who are there for you.

I look forward to a returned sense of smell and the ability to leave my house, gifts I never considered gifts until I didn’t have them.

To summarize, the measuring stick of “high fever, cough, and breathing difficulty” aren’t the only symptoms indicating Corona. If you have any questions or concerns, check with a medical practitioner, as I don’t dispense medical advice, I am only sharing my experience.

Stay well, mask yourself in public, support your immune system, and take care.  Thanks for reading.




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Hi. I’m Karen Furman, a home organizer and decluttering professional. Organizing is something I’ve been doing since 1st grade when used to straighten everyone’s desks. Fast forward a few decades later, I turned my passion for organizing into a business. Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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