The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses

The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses

The school year is coming to a close. As the final weeks are being counted down, another thing I’m counting the amount of money flying out of my wallet and wishing the money tree would sprout more bills. Here are some unexpected expenses to expect:

field trips (tiyulim)- some are included in the annual fee, some not

Snacks- whether or not your trip was paid for in the annual fee, a cultural norm is to send nosh for the trip. As if a sandwich or piece of fruit isn’t sufficient, chips, nosh, and candy are expected (at least by the students). Regardless of the exciting places my kids are destined to visit, the snacks are what is the topic of discussion.

Picnics/pizza parties/ barbeques- All these end of year food-related activities come with a price. Whether it’s 5 or 10 shekel, it’s adds up quickly when you have many kids and they have many parties each.

Gifts- Often you are asked to contribute money for appreciation gifts for teachers and staff.

Book fees- Many schools have used book programs. While you ultimately save money by buying used, you pay for the books now for next year at the end of the school year.

Lost book fees- In addition to paying for next year’s books, if any books were lost or damaged from the current year, you have those fees.

School camp-The school year ends and then there is ‘school camp’ for a few weeks. While the cost is nominal compared to other camp experiences, there is still money to be forked out.

If there are any other expenses I have omitted, either because I don’t have them, or I was out back watering my money tree, and I’ll edit for next time.


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