The Aliyah Files #37 Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation

It’s November and the temperture in my region has been 80s during the day and lower at night. If accurate, the weather forecast predicts a good ten degrees lower tomorrow. Hooray! as I’m not a hot-weather gal. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the right time to put the summer clothes away and take out the cooler weather ones. Because of limitations of space, seasonal clothing rotation is a necessity and I can’t have two complete seasonal wardrobes out all out at once.

Since we’re teetering on the border between hot and cooler weather, we’re in what’s called a TRANSITIONAL STAGE. This means that after each load of laundry, before putting away the clean items in the cupboard, I cull out a few items that are there.
The ones that didn’t get washed, in general, may be the second tier of favorites in the wardrobe, with the favorite items getting the most usage.

As one goes throught this process, there will be less summer and more winter, while avoiding the scenario of having nothing weather-appropriate to wear while Mother Nature is in a fickle mood.

Ok, so where to put it, especially when you have minimal space? Here’s where a little creativity and organization comes into play. I’ll first give you some ideas WHERE to put it and then WHAT to use.

Where to store out of season clothing

  • under the bed
  • on top of the closet
  • on a high shelf
  • in a spare room
  • in the machsan (storage room)—but only if there isn’t dampness issues like mold/mildew. If you can smell it, then anything with fibers DOES NOT belong there
  • inside a bed where the matress lifts providing storage underneath
  • laundry room

What to use for storage

  • transparent plastic storage boxes
  • transparent plastic storage bags
    As you can see, I prefer transparent to opaque, as I think it’s better to see the contents. If you prefer non-transparents, then that’s fine also. With either, labelling the contents is crucial.

Should I save clothing for siblings?

I frequently get asked what I recommend for someone who wants to save clothing from one child to another. It depends on many different factors, so I can’t give a general answer, as each family’s need are unique. What I WOULDN’T SAVE are seasonal fabrics like corduroy, extra bulky sweaters, swimsuits/pjs/shorts with elastic waistbands (if more than a year, two years at most) because the elastic will dry out and go C-r-u-n-c-h when you give it a pull. Colors and styles that are vogue for a particular season, like mustard yellow or girls tops with a zipper down the back are not worth saving.

Also, DO NOT SAVE anything that is holey, ripped, or stained. The stains will intensify over time and you don’t want to find the unpleasant surprise of yellowed clothing. I’ll interrupt myself and say that these items should be put in clothing recycling receptables (if available) or used as rags. These items are NOT DONATABLE to second-hand establishments.

Label the contents

ALWAYS label the contents. DON’T RELY ON MEMORY. I can’t count how many times someone has forgotten they had something in storage. For example, a client and I excavated a box of winter coats that would have fit the previous year, and when we found them, were too small for anyone in the household. I’ve also fallen into this pitfall of thinking I’ll remember something…and don’t. My brain is like a computer with too many tabs open as it is.
No need for any fancy labelling machine. Just a permanent marker, bold tip preferred. You can write directly on the box or use a piece of paper taped to the box, or a sticky label.


As mentioned, everyone has a unique situation. Organizing clothing and creating functional kitchens are two of my favorite projects to tackle, so don’t be shy and contact us with question and/or schedule an appointment. As an FYI, the best times to tackle organizing projects are

  • after Sukkot- a week before Chanukah
  • After Chanukah- two weeks before Purim
  • After Pesach- end of June
  • summer, if you’re schedule permits
  • after school year begins-two weeks before Rosh Hashana
    so….NOW is a great time to schedule.

Published by Karen Furman

Philosophy = Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Method = A combination of Marie Kondo + FlyLady + my own style. YOU make the decisions. YOU decide what to keep and not to keep. I help provide clarity. Attitude = Positive, enthusiastic, non-judgmental

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