Hi I’m Karen Furman. Let me introduce myself.
I’m mom to six kids ages 4-20. Before you start doing mental math and wondering that I look too young to have a 20 year old, add fifteen years to the age you think I am and then a few more.
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I live with my husband and darlings in a small one-floor apartment. There are three bedrooms, a salon (living room/dining room), kitchen, and small storage located in a different part of the building. (I’m 48 if you were still wondering.) Since I NEED everyone plus their stuff to fit, I’ve become the master of living in small surroundings and maximizing space and want to help others do the same.

I moved to Israel in 2010 from the USA. At the time I was a SPANISH /ESL teacher for middle school and high school students. Additionally, I was a newly practicing MASSAGE THERAPIST. I enjoyed different aspects of both professions. One thing about massage I love was the transformation which took place within the hour. A client would arrive in pain and leave relaxed “like jello”. In teaching, I enjoyed the flexibility and creativity of the work. I did lots of hands on projects and arts integration. I liked getting to know my students and creating lessons that meaningful to them with long-range impact.

In regards to being an organizer, I’ve been doing this sort of thing since 1st grade when I used to go around the classroom straightening everyone’s desks.  It’s said that if you want to go into business, take a talent you have and use it.  Since managing a classful of  students was something I no longer wanted to pour my energy into, I started my organizing business.


drawing by Shalev, grade 7

“IS YOUR HOME ORGANIZED?”  I get asked this all the time.  Yes, it is.  Does it get messy? Yes.  It would not be normal if it didn’t get messy or dusty or heaps of laundry/dishes that need attending to.  The difference is that after playtime is over or Mt. Dishmore is conquered everything has a place.  It’s just the manpower to do it all that starts to fizzle after a long day so it’s not always picture perfect if someone were to pay a surprise visit.  The meme below summarizes this experience.
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On a personal note, I love to read. I enjoy going to the library and perusing the shelves for new material.  Interestingly enough, I don’t own a million books because I don’t have the space to keep them. I have about two shelves of my favorites and that’s it.

I enjoy arts and crafts and often peruse Pinterest for ideas on what to do with the materials I have on hand.  One day the kids and I collected acorns and pinecones in the park and found crafts to do with them.

I do most of my cooking from scratch. My newest venture is cutting down on sweet foods, processed foods, and animal products.  (See my blog posts under the category Food/Diet) I not not vegan, paleo, macrobiotic, or any other named eating program but am trying to strike a balance between mood and food. I am a big fan of mint chocolate and chocolate with peanut butter so do have my vices.

Last important factoid is that I rarely use one-time items.  We use cloth napkins, reusable microfiber cleaning clothes, ‘and real’ dishes. I’m a big second-hand shopper especially when it comes to clothes.  This has a large impact on my business philosophy of freecycling (rehoming) where I find new homes for the giveaway items my clients have decluttered.  They feel good that other people can use there stuff plus it keeps usable items out of the landfill.

Regards and thanks for reading,
Karen, The Klutter Koach