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The Klutter Koach Blog – The Aliyah Files: Downsizing & Decluttering + Keeping Home

  1. To Bring or Not to Bring, That is the Question
  2. The Ultimate in Decluttering Part IV
  3. No Closets?! Where Do I Keep My Clothes?
  4. Small Appliances: What to Bring and What to Buy
  5. Doors, Light Switches, Toilets, and Other Oddities of Your New Home
  6. Ideas for adding color to a colorless standard Israeli apartment
  7. 5 Items to buy the first week after of arriving in Israel
  8. Ditch the Warehouse Club Mentality
  9. Helpful solutions for lack of storage space that don’t involve drilling holes in the wall
  10. My home is so dusty! Help!
  11. The Aliyah Homemaker: Washing floors the Israeli way 
  12. Housekeeping 101 in Israel
  13. Recommended Cleaning Products to Buy in Israel