Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

I believe I have NON-CELIAC GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. Everything I’m about to share is based on changes I observed in my body after going off gluten, as well as any online research I’ve done independently. I’ve never been given this label as a medical diagnosis, nor have I ever tested positive for celiac disease. Usually, oneContinue reading “Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity”

The Aliyah Files #37 Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation

It’s November and the temperture in my region has been 80s during the day and lower at night. If accurate, the weather forecast predicts a good ten degrees lower tomorrow. Hooray! as I’m not a hot-weather gal. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the right time to put the summer clothes away and take outContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #37 Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation”

Amazon Adventures

I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I rarely shop online and prefer to shop in a store, but as a sign of the times, I’ve found the convenience and quality of online shopping to be a good alternative to having to trek around town. Because of this change in attitude, I’ve been trekking on Amazon instead.Continue reading “Amazon Adventures”

A Beverly Cleary Morning

I wish I could transport myself to the world of Beverly Cleary where Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins reside, where wholesomeness and classic Americana abound. I want to escape this fast-pasted era of technology for a while and just slow down like the “good ole days”. Granted, the 1950s were a few decades prior toContinue reading “A Beverly Cleary Morning”

My Journey to Alternative Health part 2

My journey to alternative health began in 1997 when I went to an iridologist who told me I had candida and sequentially put me on dietary modifications and herbs. Prior to the appointment, I didn’t know what an iridologist was, never heard of candida, and never had experience with healing herbs. The experience was life-changingContinue reading “My Journey to Alternative Health part 2”

The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses

The school year is coming to a close. As the final weeks are being counted down, another thing I’m counting the amount of money flying out of my wallet and wishing the money tree would sprout more bills. Here are some unexpected expenses to expect: field trips (tiyulim)- some are included in the annual fee,Continue reading “The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses”

The Aliyah Files #35 To bring or not to bring kitchenware

Whether making aliyah or moving house, the volume of kitchenware is something to consider before shlepping all your things from one home to another. In many dwellings, storage space is inadequate. In others, while adequate storage, the kitchen design has me shaking my head wondering “What in the world was the designer thinking?” making itContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #35 To bring or not to bring kitchenware”

The Aliyah Files #34 What To Bring on Aliyah: The categories of Might and Maybe

Might and Maybe are dangerous words to use in moving. Items given this designation fall into the blackhole of possibilities and good intentions. Putting it bluntly, most of these possibilities will NEVER happen. Think back to March 2020 when the world was on lockdown. Think of all the possibilities where ‘might’ and ‘maybe’ came intoContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #34 What To Bring on Aliyah: The categories of Might and Maybe”

The Aliyah Files #33 To Bring or Not to Bring Your Furniture

As I write this, I’m sitting in my 3-bedroom (4 room) Israeli apartment. Looking around my home, I’m taking note of what remains from our move nearly 11 years ago.1. dining room table 2. antique dry sink 3. vintage (possibly antique) buffet with a hutch 4. wicker foldable screen 5. free-standing coat rack That’s it.Continue reading “The Aliyah Files #33 To Bring or Not to Bring Your Furniture”

Just Be, a poem

Be brave Be bold Be yourself Speak up for truth and justice Have integrity Be kind Be thoughtful Be honest Have no fear Stand up for what you believe in March to the beat of your own drum Be confident Be positive Add your own music to this technicolor canvas called life Just Be AprilContinue reading “Just Be, a poem”

A Bag of Hand-Me-Down Clothing Has Arrived-Now What?

Hand-me-downs are great.  You can save lots of money and avoid having to shop. A wonderful opportunity of free clothing has presented itself, but I suggest to act immediately and sort/select which items you want to keep. If you delay, the bags tend to pile up, causing overwhelm. Additionally, the items you don’t want become clutter.Continue reading “A Bag of Hand-Me-Down Clothing Has Arrived-Now What?”

3 must-use cleaning tools that you probably already own

Shmutz and grime ends up everywhere. If you have the right cleaning tools, then cleaning becomes easy and not such a bothersome chore. You probably already own them and if not, you can spend only a few dollars and you’re good to go. What are these amazing items? toothpicks q-tips an old toothbrush That’s it!Continue reading “3 must-use cleaning tools that you probably already own”

28 things to easily declutter from your home

There are 28 days in February, at least this year. Take one category per day and you will be on a good path of your decluttering journey. No, you don’t need to go in order. No, you don’t have to do everything on the list. There are no “rules” here, just suggestions. KITCHENunmatched storage containers/lidsexpiredContinue reading “28 things to easily declutter from your home”

Dealing with Friday Morning Pre-Shabbos Overwhelm

I am writing this to give myself my own advice. If you, dear reader, can benefit from this advice also, then I am glad to be of assistance. IT’S FRIDAY MORNING. The dishes are piled, the remnants of yesterday’s children’s messes are still scattered, the bathroom needs a good wipe down. The dining room table,Continue reading “Dealing with Friday Morning Pre-Shabbos Overwhelm”

How Clean is Your Home? A list of surfaces to sanitize

Whether you did/didn’t have Corona, are/aren’t getting vaccinated, it’s important to pay heed to how clean your home is to kill germs. I was recently introduced to a British reality show (no longer running) called How Clean is Your House? Watch the show on YouTube, even for a few minutes and you’ll be donning rubberContinue reading “How Clean is Your Home? A list of surfaces to sanitize”

Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona

A butterfly flew past me while I was on route running an errand. 🦋 It’s quite unusual to see a butterfly around here, especially one in mid-January. At first I thought it a figment of my imagination and then realized it was real. The butterfly hovered a second in front of me before it flutteredContinue reading “Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona”

“The Becky Box” and Donated Clothing

I’ve always loved the quote “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” though I’d replace “trash” with “giveaways”. Good, useable items one person no longer needs can be exactly what someone else is looking for. My involvement with the distribution of second-hand items goes back almost 5 DECADES! Let me tell you a story aboutContinue reading ““The Becky Box” and Donated Clothing”

Thoughts on Socializing in 2020

The balagan of 2020 has had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s one thing to be flexible, but when every second is a potential fight-or-flight, its very unsettling It feels safer to be at home, insulated within the coziness of my nest, surrounded by things that “spark joy” and bring comfort. Saturday evening afterContinue reading “Thoughts on Socializing in 2020”

The Aliyah Files #32: 5 tips for downsizing photos from the pre-digital photo era

In the pre-digital era of photos, you may recall dropping off rolls of film to the nearest photo processing establishment and eagerly anticipated their return, hoping that pictures weren’t blurry or otherwise disappointing. These long-ago prints are now stockpiled in envelopes, bags, drawers, boxes, and albums. If the mere thought downsizing this collection CAUSES ANXIETY,Continue reading “The Aliyah Files #32: 5 tips for downsizing photos from the pre-digital photo era”