The Joy of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Whether or not you watched the popular Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo people worldwide are drawn to the trend of downsizing and living with less. “Does this spark joy?” is the basic concept of the Konmari method. Jokingly people talk about chucking their vacuum cleaners, scales, or family members but on a serious note there is a method to the madness. Continue reading The Joy of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

How to Save Money When Shopping

It is so easy to overspend when shopping. It is said one should shop with cash, shop when not hungry, shop with a list. Even when I do all the above, the temptation is still there. The bottom line is to conjure up the willpower before the cashier rings everything up. Here is my shopping victory from last week. Here is what I DIDN’T buy: a Playmobil firetruck, a Magna doodle, a craft kit, a puzzle, a Shavuot craft. Next store: Mike and Ikes, fruit chews, frozen spinach, ice cream, chocolate milk, ice pops, pomegranate syrup, and chocolate covered rice … Continue reading How to Save Money When Shopping

The Olim Files #22 Time is Relative

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Jewish Standard Time’ (JST for short) which means running ‘fashionably late’ for just about everything.  Is this acceptable?  Yes or no depending on the situation.  After making aliyah  you will encounter a few new TIME RELATED changes in the way things are done.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may love these changes or they may drive you batty. WEEKEND.  Typically, in the Western mindset we have a WEEKEND which is Saturday and Sunday.  Once arriving to Israel there will be a bit of a shift.  Friday is often a half-day of work and school.  On … Continue reading The Olim Files #22 Time is Relative

The Olim Files #21 The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part IV

Let’s compare some THEN AND NOW details of my life.  THEN: Prior to making aliyah my husband and I lived in a small house, had four children (KH), and two cars.  NOW: 9 years later after making aliyah, my husband and I live in a small apartment, have six children (KH), and don’t own a car. THEN: My main income came from teaching Spanish to English speakers and after aliyah my main income came from teaching English to Hebrew speakers.  NOW:  I am a business owner of  THE KLUTTER KOACH offering home organizing, de-cluttering, downsizing and moving services to Bet … Continue reading The Olim Files #21 The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part IV

Living in the Moment

Whether Chanukah, summer, 4th of July, or other holiday/season, how often do we live in the moment and enjoy what is happening NOW? A Facebook group I follow posts seasonal images, nature pics, and Who remembers ___? like “Who Remembers grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup?” (I DO!!! and I would love one right now… except for the fact it is Passover and I can’t have bread…). I am intrigued by the sage wisdom and the variety of viewpoints posted in the comments. Today is April 25 and a photo of a decorated pine tree captioned ‘8 months until Christmas’ … Continue reading Living in the Moment

#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning above and beyond preparing for Passover.  It’s SPRING CLEANING and a lot of surfaces are in need of attention. Some surfaces are so detailed that a q-tip is the best cleaning tool.  Some surfaces have shmutz in such tiny crevices that a toothpick is the only way to scrape it out.  Some places are so high I need something tall to stand on . In all cases, for maximum cleaning effectiveness, MATCH THE TOOL TO THE TASK. When in doubt what IS the best tool, ASK. Find your resources: friend, neighbor, WikiHow, Google. … Continue reading #1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

How much time does it take to clean a fridge?

On Monday G-d decided that I was to have a vacation day.  Not vacation like ‘hey I’d like you to go sit on a beach and soak up some rays’, but ‘hey I’m not sending you a client today-I have other things planned for you.’  Hence, with all the kids not home it was the perfect day to get a jump on my Pesach cleaning. I decided to tackle the refrigerators.  Yes, that is plural. We have two. Many families have one refrigerator and often an extra freezer.  We have two refrigerators because in Israel you buy your appliances, even … Continue reading How much time does it take to clean a fridge?