Salon: Before and After

In Israel, the SALON is a combined living room and dining room area. For those who watch HGTV, you may have heard this space referred to as an “open floor plan”. The salon is typically where the dining room table, couches, book cases, and other dining room pieces are located. Additionally, this space is often used as a playroom or office. Two challenges of a salon are physically arranging the space for maximum efficiency and keeping it decluttered so the items don’t overwhelm the space. This family has a spacious salon and good placement of furniture (not pictured: dining room table and bookcases). In this salon organizing session, items … Continue reading Salon: Before and After

Photos: Closet Makeover Before and After

The photos below show just part of this closet makeover. The entire closet was emptied of its contents and then sorted into piles. There was a keep pile, a give away pile, and a put into storage pile to be saved for younger siblings.  In my guestimation, more than 50% of the items were removed because they no longer fit or didn’t “spark joy” (according to Marie Kondo). The project took just over 3 hours of work. Continue reading Photos: Closet Makeover Before and After