How to Avoid Clutter from a Clothing Swap

Have you ever been to a clothing swap? If you aren’t familiar with the concept I will borrow Wikipedia’s definition: “A clothing swap is a type of swapmeet wherein participants exchange their valued but no longer used clothing for clothing they will use. Clothing swaps are considered not only a … Continue reading How to Avoid Clutter from a Clothing Swap

The Winter Coat Dilemma

What do I love about winter?  I love the woolly sweaters, tall leather boots, hot cocoa, and cocooning under a pile of blankets. What don’t I love?  I don’t love the pile of coats making my four room apartment look extremely cluttered.  We are a family of eight, but not an eight-coat family.  We have heavy winter coats, mid weight coats, Shabbos coats, raincoats.  By the way, I live in a country where there aren’t built in closets. “NO CLOSETS??  HOW DO YOU MANAGE?” I utilize a coat rack and over the door hooks. Not pictured is a third bedroom that has two over the door coat racks like … Continue reading The Winter Coat Dilemma

Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II

Transitions suck.  I apologize for such  crude language.  However, that is my current sentiment and I couldn’t think of anything else more refined sounding. I have previously written about transitioning over a wardrobe between seasons.   The “knowing how” is one thing; the steps aren’t difficult.  The difficult part is contending with Mother Nature’s fickleness between seasons.  One day it’s hot–summer clothes.  The next day it’s chilly–warm clothes.  It’s cold in the morning, then hot midday, and then cooling of in the late afternoon. An adult can manage to put on a sweater and take it off.  A four-year old…or eight year … Continue reading Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II

10 Easy Steps to Transition a Child’s Wardrobe Between Seasons

For me, the first crisp fall day is the time to reevaluate what clothes to keep in the closets.  Fall and spring are both fickle in daily weather changes, and as we used to say in Chicago, more accurately– the weather changes minute-by-minute.  So after a HOT HOT summer, even a 10 degree drop in temperature gets me excited about my favorite black leather boots and cable-knit sweaters. Doing a clothing inventory is important for you and everyone else in the home as well.  However this is especially necessary if there are children in the household, as they tend to grow like weeds … Continue reading 10 Easy Steps to Transition a Child’s Wardrobe Between Seasons