The Olim Files #3: No Closets?! Where do I keep my Clothes?

There aren’t closets in Israel. What?! NO CLOSET? We have Aronot (ah ro NOTE) in the which is the plural of Aron (AH ron). This is not to be confused with the boys name Aharon (AH ha ron).  You have probably heard of an Aron Kodesh, which houses our Holy Torah.  An Aron is a closet, a free-standing cabinet that is not built into the wall. Aronot or as I call in my grammatically incorrect Hebrew “arons”, generally have a combination of shelves, drawers, and section to hang clothes. Some are well-designed while others are poorly designed. One of the … Continue reading The Olim Files #3: No Closets?! Where do I keep my Clothes?

Ask yourself this question”Does this ‘spark joy’?

One benefit of decluttering is that it teaches you to listen to your intuition. Usually there is so much ‘noise’ that we don’t hear that inner voice. If you use Marie Kondo’s rule of thumb of ‘Does this spark joy?’, then you have to go with that gut instinct. When I’m Koaching, watching the facial expression in an indication of that first split-second gut instinct. The extra seconds of hesitation generally show an inner battle of trying to talk yourself out of that initial thought. See how happy this woman looks? This blue dress sparks joy.  It’s a keeper. This … Continue reading Ask yourself this question”Does this ‘spark joy’?

Photos: Closet Makeover Before and After

The photos below show just part of this closet makeover. The entire closet was emptied of its contents and then sorted into piles. There was a keep pile, a give away pile, and a put into storage pile to be saved for younger siblings.  In my guestimation, more than 50% of the items were removed because they no longer fit or didn’t “spark joy” (according to Marie Kondo). The project took just over 3 hours of work. Continue reading Photos: Closet Makeover Before and After

Intuition, Decluttering, and Marie Kondo

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines INTUITION as ” a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence : a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why”. Marie Kondo and her famous KonMarie method is all about intuition.  If the item ‘sparks joy’, it’s a keeper.  If it doesn’t, pass it on.  It is a mere fraction of a second of thought in our brain.  It’s an instant thumbs up or thumbs down gut reaction.  I tell clients that if you hesitate, that’s your answer, as you … Continue reading Intuition, Decluttering, and Marie Kondo

Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II

Transitions suck.  I apologize for such  crude language.  However, that is my current sentiment and I couldn’t think of anything else more refined sounding. I have previously written about transitioning over a wardrobe between seasons.   The “knowing how” is one thing; the steps aren’t difficult.  The difficult part is contending with Mother Nature’s fickleness between seasons.  One day it’s hot–summer clothes.  The next day it’s chilly–warm clothes.  It’s cold in the morning, then hot midday, and then cooling of in the late afternoon. An adult can manage to put on a sweater and take it off.  A four-year old…or eight year … Continue reading Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II

10 Easy Steps for a Seasonal Wardrobe Transition

For me, the first crisp fall day is the time to reevaluate what clothes to keep in the closets.  Fall and spring are both fickle in daily weather changes, and as we used to say in Chicago, more accurately– the weather changes minute-by-minute.  So after a HOT HOT summer, even a 10 degree drop in temperature gets me excited about my favorite black leather boots and cable-knit sweaters. Doing a clothing inventory is important for you and everyone else in the home as well.  However this is especially necessary if there are children in the household, as they tend to grow like weeds … Continue reading 10 Easy Steps for a Seasonal Wardrobe Transition