The Aliyah Files #28 How to downsize your book collection

DO YOU LOVE BOOKS? I do, plus I’m a self-proclaimed bookworm.  As much as I love books I don’t own every book I’ve read nor have kept every book I’ve bought. Gasp! Is it sacrilegious to give away books? No, it isn’t. If you’re making aliyah or even just moving across town, this is oneContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #28 How to downsize your book collection”

The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part III–6 Years Later

It’s been six years since our move from the USA to Israel when I wrote ‘The Ultimate in De-cluttering’. This was before I officially called myself Klutter Koach.  I am happy to say we wisely selected the items we brought with us.  The one thing I would have done differently was to have ditched theContinue reading “The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part III–6 Years Later”

The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II

For those of you who just read The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part I, here is the sequel The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II.  I’m sending both on the same day so nobody needs to be waiting in suspense.  Also, we’ve been rearranging our apartment to make better use of the space.  My hope is toContinue reading “The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II”

The Ultimate in De-cluttering

I wrote this in 2010 prior to making aliyah.  For those who are in the process, you may find this helpful.  For those of you who have already done so, I think you can relate.  It has been almost six years.  My only semi-regret was bringing the American beds as we have ended up replacingContinue reading “The Ultimate in De-cluttering”