MOTIVATION MONDAY: How to clear our closets & donate used clothing

MOTIVATION MONDAY ūüĎöūüĎĖ We all have clothes in our homes that aren’t worn anymore: ūüĎē Outgrown kid things ūüíÉSizes we are no longer fit into ūüĎėStyles we don’t enjoy wearing ūüĎĘ“Mistakes” such as wrong size bought ūü•Ņitems that Match Nothing ūüĎē Clothing that is Itchy, Rides Up, Rolls Down, and Other Annoyances All these clothes TAKE UP VALUABLE SPACE in your closet. If you aren’t wearing them it’s time to remove them from your closet and your home. ‚ėāÔłŹWith the cold & rainy weather it’s a great time to take advantage of being indoors to work on this project. ‚ėāÔłŹ … Continue reading MOTIVATION MONDAY: How to clear our closets & donate used clothing

The Klutter Koach’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge

I’ve had many people ask me for a daily home organizing challenge.¬† I happily complied and have been posting them on my Facebook page. Then it dawned on me not all Klutter Koach followers are on Facebook.¬† Hence, I will post the challenges here.¬† Each one takes 15 minutes or less. I practice what I preach so I am also doing the challenge right along with you. Here is what we’ve done thus far: August 10:¬† The Purge Purge Empty out that purse, bag, or backpack. Throw out trash, put non-necessary items where they belong, refill the bag, and you’re … Continue reading The Klutter Koach’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge

No Clutter=Easy Clean up

Ever since I received the news of our impending move (which thankfully has been pushed back a year) I have been on a quest to tackle every item in my possession to decide if it is worthy to be packed in a box. I am amazed how a de-cluttered thing here or there adds up to a bag for giveaway every few weeks. All this de-cluttering has allowed the flat surfaces in my home to be visible the majority the time. ¬†The best part of seeing the flat surfaces it that it has become super easy to clean. While I … Continue reading No Clutter=Easy Clean up

De-cluttering a Hot Spot

“A¬†hot spot is an area, when left unattended will gradually take over. My favorite analogy is of a hot spot in a forest fire, if left alone it will eventually get out of hand and burn up the whole forest. ¬†This is what happens in our homes. If left unattended, the hot spot will grow and take over the whole room as well as making the house look awful.”—The FlyLady The buffet in my house is a classic hot spot. ¬†Even though our items have a designated home, things inevitably end up on it. ¬†It drives me crazy. ¬†Today I … Continue reading De-cluttering a Hot Spot

All in a Day’s Work

“What do you do?” ¬†This is a question with multiple answers. On the home front: I am a homemaker, devoted spouse, mother of 6, and special needs mama. Professionally: I am a former Spanish and ESL teacher now teaching English. ¬†I had planned on “retiring” from teaching after switching careers to massage therapy (my lifelong dream profession), but as it is said, “Man plans and G-d laughs.” Hence, I’m still in the classroom and do massage on the side. My Klutter Koaching is also on the side, though I would enthusiastically spend more hours a week organizing someone’s closet than … Continue reading All in a Day’s Work

Managing Inbox Clutter

I had been pondering what to do with my¬†too-full inbox. ¬†Perhaps my subconscious was hard at work¬†finding¬†a solution¬†when¬†brilliant idea came¬†out of nowhere. The problem: ¬†What to do with¬†the messages needing¬†action¬†like returning an email¬†or following up with a job prospect.¬†¬†I had been¬†putting colored stars by so many¬†things needing¬†attention that my inbox looked¬†like a rainbow. ¬†I¬†was overwhelmed. ¬†Then the brilliant idea hit. The solution: I created a file called ‘TO ATTEND TO’. Next,¬†I created a new list under Gmail tasks called¬†‘TO ATTEND TO’. For each email item needing action I wrote out a to-do action. ¬†(This task box is located at the¬†bottom … Continue reading Managing Inbox Clutter

The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part III–6 Years Later

It’s been six years since our move from the USA to Israel when I wrote ‘The Ultimate in De-cluttering’. This was before I¬†officially called myself Klutter Koach. ¬†I am happy to say we wisely selected our items we brought with us. ¬†The one thing I would have done differently was to have ditched¬†the¬†American beds, as they have always posed a problem overwhelming the small Israeli bedrooms with their bulkiness. ¬†Little by little we have been replacing them with their narrower Israeli counterparts. I have always been a proponent of not keeping items the family doesn’t use. ¬†If toys are unused, … Continue reading The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part III–6 Years Later

The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II

For those of you who just read The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part I, here is the sequel The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II. ¬†I’m sending both on the same day so nobody need¬†be waiting in suspense. ¬†Also, we’ve been rearranging our apartment to make better use of the space. ¬†My hope is to write about the adventure and to talk about what has transpired six years later in regards to our stuff. Flashback to end of July 2010: So the lift came this week.¬† We had our A, B, and C lists.¬† A was ‘priority’, B was ‘maybe’, and C … Continue reading The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part II

The Ultimate in De-cluttering

I wrote this in 2010 prior to making aliyah. ¬†For those who are in the process, you may find this helpful. ¬†For those of you who have already done so, I think you can relate. ¬†It has been almost six years. ¬†My only semi-regret was bringing the American beds as we have ended up replacing them with the more narrow and space-saving Israeli counterparts. ¬†Here’s a walk down Memory Lane: The ultimate in flinging is to make Aliyah.¬† We are G-d willing making Aliyah with NBN August 18.¬† We have had four Sunday yard sales in a row.¬† While there … Continue reading The Ultimate in De-cluttering

Ask yourself this question”Does this ‘spark joy’?

One benefit of de-cluttering is that it teaches you to listen to your intuition. Usually there is so much ‘noise’ that we don’t hear that inner voice. If you use Marie Kondo’s rule of thumb of ‘Does this spark joy?’, then you have to go with that gut instinct. When I’m Koaching, watching the facial expression in an indication of that first split-second gut instinct. The extra seconds of hesitation generally show an inner battle of trying to talk yourself out of that initial thought.   See how happy this woman looks? This blue dress sparks joy. ¬†It’s a keeper. … Continue reading Ask yourself this question”Does this ‘spark joy’?