The Ultimate in Decluttering Part III–6 Years Later

It’s been six years since our move from the USA to Israel when I wrote ‘The Ultimate in Decluttering’. This was before I officially called myself Klutter Koach.  I am happy to say we wisely selected our items we brought with us.  The one thing I would have done differently was to have ditched the American beds, as they have always posed a problem overwhelming the small Israeli bedrooms with their bulkiness.  Little by little we have been replacing them with their narrower Israeli counterparts. I have always been a proponent of not keeping items the family doesn’t use.  If toys are unused, … Continue reading The Ultimate in Decluttering Part III–6 Years Later

A Post of Randomness

I usually write in paragraphs, as one should.  However, I have so many thoughts flying around my head that I should write a journal entry, word web, or use some other pre-writing technique to organize my thoughts. I am a list-maker, and the list keeps getting longer and longer.  So here is, in list version, random thoughts of what I want to write about, but no time to fully write about each one, making this blog post one long list of future things to actually write about.  Yes, that was one big run-on sentence. If your to-do list is also long and reading … Continue reading A Post of Randomness