Preparing for Pesach while being Stuck at Home with Kids. The Kitchen Part I

Hi everyone. I hope you are all surviving, managing, and coping given the restrictions of social distancing and other guidelines to keep everyone safe.  Getting ready for Pesach has always been a challenge with it’s never ending to-do lists and … Continue reading Preparing for Pesach while being Stuck at Home with Kids. The Kitchen Part I

How much time does it take to clean a fridge?

On Monday G-d decided that I was to have a vacation day.  Not vacation like ‘hey I’d like you to go sit on a beach and soak up some rays’, but ‘hey I’m not sending you a client today-I have other things planned for you.’  Hence, with all the kids not home it was the perfect day to get a jump on my Pesach cleaning. I decided to tackle the refrigerators.  Yes, that is plural. We have two. Many families have one refrigerator and often an extra freezer.  We have two refrigerators because in Israel you buy your appliances, even … Continue reading How much time does it take to clean a fridge?

“My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end.”

I love these snarky memes.  One would never know upon waking the house was straightened the night before.  I have photos to prove it and they aren’t Photo-shopped.  My bright-eyed bushy tailed 2 and 5 year olds are mini tornadoes that can transform any orderly space into a disaster area.  But hey, they’re kids and I’m thrilled they have imaginations to use during play.  We have umpteen opportunities to clean up throughout the day.  Of course it would be nice to have the room organized for more than five minutes during their waking hours. Today is Friday and this place … Continue reading “My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end.”

Purim Rules

  The month of Adar has arrived and joy is in the air. Purim will be here before we know it.  There is much to be done: costumes to be bought, mishoach manot decisions to be made, a seuda to plan for, and a zillion other details to take care of. For those of us who thrive on routine, all this “afuch-ness” (when things are topsy turvy) can be somewhat disconcerting. I am writing this post at school during my break because in addition to the already “afuch-ness” state of things, I have just been given Purim Rules.  I must process … Continue reading Purim Rules

Keep Calm and Prepare for Shabbos

Good morning, everyone! It’s the Friday race to Shabbos. We’ve been trying to finish 30 minutes before candle lighting for a more relaxed atmosphere. The more that gets done Thursday, the better things run on Friday.  Here are a few Friday musings I’ve been wanting to share. One of my biggest challenges is having a cleared counter space. It has the things from Thursday’s shopping plus dishes to be washed as well as dishes to be put away.  Somehow I can’t manage to do this Thursday evening.  In theory, I could get up early on Friday, but regardless of the time I wake … Continue reading Keep Calm and Prepare for Shabbos

How to Speed Clean Before Shabbos

OK, it’s Thursday night again.  It’s almost Shabbos.  I want the house to look worthy of the angels who are accompanying my husband home from shul on Friday night.  What must I do first?  Second?  Stressing or panicking will not accomplish anything.  Not productive.  Must be productive.  My method is based on Flylady’s room rescue and hot spot fire drill protocols.  Ready?  Here you go: Grab a laundry basket.  In each room, toss in everything that isn’t put away or belongs somewhere else. Go to the next room with another basket.  Repeat step #1. Repeat steps #1 and #2 for … Continue reading How to Speed Clean Before Shabbos

Pharoah in Pajamas: Getting Organized for Pesach

Oh my goodness, why is the Klutter Koach bringing up this classic children’s Passover song? It isn’t Pesach yet…first comes Tu B’Shevat and then Purim THEN Pesach. Well, last week’s Parasha of the week had to do with leaving Egypt. As I went though each child’s weekly questions from school, I’ll admit my mind drifted to thoughts of “Oy! It’s almost Pesach.  Soon it will be only cleaning, cleaning, shopping, shopping, and cooking cooking cooking!”.  Thankfully, I switched gears and said to myself “This year is going to be easy.”. Easy???  How can anyone think this will be easy.  Time consuming, yes.  Difficult, no.  I have my shopping … Continue reading Pharoah in Pajamas: Getting Organized for Pesach