“My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end.”

I love these snarky memes.  One would never know upon waking the house was straightened the night before.  I have photos to prove it and they aren’t Photo-shopped.  My bright-eyed bushy tailed 2 and 5 year olds are mini tornadoes that can transform any orderly space into a disaster area.  But hey, they’re kids and I’m thrilled they have imaginations to use during play.  We have umpteen opportunities to clean up throughout the day.  Of course it would be nice to have the room organized for more than five minutes during their waking hours. Today is Friday and this place … Continue reading “My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end.”

All in a Day’s Work

“What do you do?”  This is a question with multiple answers. On the home front: I am a homemaker, devoted spouse, mother of 6, and special needs mama. Professionally: I am a former Spanish and ESL teacher now teaching English.  I had planned on “retiring” from teaching after swiching careers to massage therapy (my lifelong dream profession), but as it is said, “Man plans and G-d laughs.” Hence, I’m still in the classroom and do massage on the side. My Klutter Koaching is also on the side, though I would enthusiastically spend more hours a week organizing someone’s closet than … Continue reading All in a Day’s Work

How to Speed Clean Before Shabbos

OK, it’s Thursday night again.  It’s almost Shabbos.  I want the house to look worthy of the angels who are accompanying my husband home from shul on Friday night.  What must I do first?  Second?  Stressing or panicking will not accomplish anything.  Not productive.  Must be productive.  My method is based on Flylady’s room rescue and hot spot fire drill protocols.  Ready?  Here you go: Grab a laundry basket.  In each room, toss in everything that isn’t put away or belongs somewhere else. Go to the next room with another basket.  Repeat step #1. Repeat steps #1 and #2 for … Continue reading How to Speed Clean Before Shabbos

The Pot Roast Story

Have you heard the famous story about the woman who cuts the ends off her pot roast before putting it in the over?  If you haven’t already, here it is: A newly-wed man would watch his wife would cut an inch off from both ends of meat for pot roast before putting it into the oven.  When he asked why, she answered, “That’s how you are supposed to cook it.”  Not satisfied with this answer he pressed further until she said she learned to do it this way from her mother. The husband calls up his mother-in-law and asks her why she cuts … Continue reading The Pot Roast Story

A Place for Everything

Have you ever heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”?  What happens when things don’t have a place?  You have a mess.  Chaos.  A ‘balagan’. This was the situation in my home.  The problem was not clutter, but not having a place for things to go was causing a huge headache.  There were coats, backpacks, and shoes everywhere.  I tried a few different things to solve the problem.  Nothing worked.  Until today. I digress momentarily to tell you about the book I’m reading with one of my classes.  It’s called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  A boy named … Continue reading A Place for Everything