Saving and Reusing Plastic Bags from the Perspective of a Home Organizer

Do you save bags? Most friends I know do. Many clients do. I do. But at what point does this bag collection become out of control? When you have a bag of bags, and you need to put the bag of bags into another bag of bags, and soon you have an entire cupboard filledContinue reading “Saving and Reusing Plastic Bags from the Perspective of a Home Organizer”

IKEA is opening nearby but before you go shopping READ THIS

BIG NEWS. Top news stories change quickly whether it was the great pre-Pesach egg hunt, butter sightings, or news of schools re-opening (in Israel) after Corona lockdown. NOW the exciting news is IKEA is opening near Bet Shemesh.  But before you go rushing off to shop, read this in regards to PURCHASING STORAGE PRODUCTS FORContinue reading “IKEA is opening nearby but before you go shopping READ THIS”

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus

Yesterday, May 14, was my birthday.  Since Corona restrictions are easing up, my exciting birthday outing was to the pharmacy for a prescription refill of allergy medication.  Woo-hoo! Considering pollen abounds and I’ve been miserable without this pill, I was quite excited to hop a bus, albeit be-masked, to run this errand.  A shirt withContinue reading “4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus”

Got Kid Memorabilia? Scrapbook it! No Supplies? No worries. Here’s how.

Show me a mom who doesn’t have kid drawings, photos, and other memorabilia piling up somewhere or multiple somewheres around the house. With much certainty, I can presume the majority of this stockpile isn’t organized. Ok, moms if you’re looking for something to do while you stay safe at home, here’s a project for theContinue reading “Got Kid Memorabilia? Scrapbook it! No Supplies? No worries. Here’s how.”

Introducing VIRTUAL ORGANIZING & COACHING by The Klutter Koach

Need home organizing or decluttering? Many folks around the globe have been sent home, quarantined, or otherwise been relegated to going nowhere.  If you’re stuck at home and overwhelmed not only by the corona situation but by a cluttered environment THERE’S A SOLUTION.  I can’t help with the restrictions, but I CAN HELP WITH THEContinue reading “Introducing VIRTUAL ORGANIZING & COACHING by The Klutter Koach”

How to give your room a facelift without spending any money

One way to give a room a facelift is to straighten up the bookcases. As you can see from this After & Before of a bookcase, an organized bookcase has appeal.  The disorganized may cause stress and who needs more stress? Here’s how to make your bookcase look awesome STEP 1 Remove all non-books thatContinue reading “How to give your room a facelift without spending any money”

TUESDAY TIP: How to keep your tichels tidy

TUESDAY TIP If you’re into tying tichels than this tidy tip is for you. Purchase a package of shower rings and attach them to a hanger. Then hang your tichels/ scarves/pashminas etc. from the rings. This scarf solution both practical and inexpensive. No room in the closet to hang? Use the back of a doorContinue reading “TUESDAY TIP: How to keep your tichels tidy”

If you have a room nicknamed ‘The Monster’ here’s how to slay the beast

SUNDAY STORIES A client called me and said “My entire house is very organized except for my playroom. I call it ‘THE MONSTER’. So I went to slay the monster because that is what I do; which is tackle messes that most people find overwhelming. The steps in the process are: sort downsize/declutter organize. ThereContinue reading “If you have a room nicknamed ‘The Monster’ here’s how to slay the beast”

The Klutter Koach Newsletter Premier Edition: Issue #1

I’ve been wanting to create a newsletter for some time now…and procrastinating.  I had my sights on using a service like MailChimp but the technical aspects kept me from moving forward…..So I took a BABY STEP and wrote a newsletter the “old fashioned way”…in the form of an email.    I decided to paste theContinue reading “The Klutter Koach Newsletter Premier Edition: Issue #1”

Veterans Day: Military Memories

In the USA today it is Veterans Day, a federal holiday observed annually on November 11 which honors military persons who have served in the United States armed forces: army, navy, air force, marines, and coast guard. There are stories to be shared and remembered and those which will remain only in the hearts and mindsContinue reading “Veterans Day: Military Memories”

Moving Checklist: The ‘OPEN FIRST’ Box

Moving is often both a STRESSFUL and EMOTIONAL experience.  My family has moved four times in the past nine years so I know all too well. Prior to a move and the brain has a zillion ‘tabs open’ so it’s easy to forget things on the to-do list.  To help make it easier I createdContinue reading “Moving Checklist: The ‘OPEN FIRST’ Box”

The Klutter Koach: A video clip!

The saying “A picture says 1000 words” came out before the advent of modern technology. So if a picture can say so much then what about a video? When I was a classroom teacher starting my career in 1993, I loved my overhead projector (does the under 35 croud even know what I’m referring to?…)Continue reading “The Klutter Koach: A video clip!”

#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning above and beyond preparing for Passover.  It’s SPRING CLEANING and a lot of surfaces are in need of attention. Some surfaces are so detailed that a q-tip is the best cleaning tool.  Some surfaces have shmutz in such tiny crevices that a toothpick is the only way toContinue reading “#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019”

Playroom Makeover: Before & After

Have you ever heard that the saying  that things often get worse before things get better? Think: childbirth.  Think: Kitchen in the midst of being turned over for Passover.  When you are in the middle of either of these scenarios (and hopefully not overlapping!) the stress and agony seem like they’ll never end, but theyContinue reading “Playroom Makeover: Before & After”

The Art of Re-Purposing

Did you ever do the activity in school where you had to pretend you were stranded on a desert island or lost in the woods? You had only a limited number of  items with you and the point of the activity was to see how many creative uses you could find for each item.  ForContinue reading “The Art of Re-Purposing”

Problem: Kid Coats on the Floor

Maybe it’s just in my home, but kid coats always seem to end up strewn across floor. Or on  the couch. Or dropped in the doorway.  There’s a coat tree for the taller family members, but what about the little people? Hanging hooks on the wall is a great solution for some families, but not ours. Continue reading “Problem: Kid Coats on the Floor”

Cleaning Ladies Aren’t Organizers

I’m an observer and a listener.  In public spaces, cyber or actual, I hear different people repeating the same conversations regarding their cleaning help.  Besides the comments of “not reliable” and “Does your cleaner speak English?” I’m privy to one additional comment when working with clients. The number one statement excitedly said  usually prefaced withContinue reading “Cleaning Ladies Aren’t Organizers”

Moving is Hard!

Last summer I thought we had to move.  Luckily, we were granted another year in the same apartment.  However, now the apartment is for sale by owner (we rent, not own).  We aren’t moving tomorrow, but it’s going to happen the near future.  I’m totally OK with needing to move.  What I am NOT OKContinue reading “Moving is Hard!”

Friday Mussing: Mixmatched Socks and Reusable Bags

I should be in the kitchen cooking for Shabbos.  I should not be writing a blog post, however, I had two moments of organizing inspiration today. The need to share is overtaking the logic of prioritizing what I should be doing. Socks:  I have come to the conclusion that mismatched socks are a fact ofContinue reading “Friday Mussing: Mixmatched Socks and Reusable Bags”

School’s out for summer. What do I do with all those papers?

The school year ended a few short weeks ago, yet the stores are already starting with the back to school displays.  I cannot think about back to school…it’s only July.  Whether you avail yourself of the early-bird sales or not it is crucial to deal with last year’s school papers immediately.  You do NOT wantContinue reading “School’s out for summer. What do I do with all those papers?”