#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning above and beyond preparing for Passover.  It’s SPRING CLEANING and a lot of surfaces are in need of attention. Some surfaces are so detailed that a q-tip is the best cleaning tool.  Some surfaces have shmutz in such tiny crevices that a toothpick is the only way to scrape it out.  Some places are so high I need something tall to stand on . In all cases, for maximum cleaning effectiveness, MATCH THE TOOL TO THE TASK. When in doubt what IS the best tool, ASK. Find your resources: friend, neighbor, WikiHow, Google. … Continue reading #1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

Who’s washing the dishes?

Originally posted on The Klutter Koach:
My last post a few mere hours ago was on the topic of planning for a big meal. As a follow-up, let’s talk about clean up.  Who’s washing the dishes tonight, or any night for that matter?  In my household, it’s usually me, me, and me.  However, The Klutter Koach is training her small army of little Furmans and they are all in various stages of learning these skills.  Even my 3-year old can clear his place and bring his cup, plate, and silverware to the sink.  Yes, he REALLY does this.  Gotta start… Continue reading Who’s washing the dishes?

Less is Best–a poem

Less is Best Less the Mess. A house full of little boys. Up to the top of the cabinet went some toys. Most up, some below. What happened then?  Goodness me oh my– nobody started to cry. The choices were few, but they had plenty to do. They started to play. Clean up was so much easier this day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I can always rotate their things. I’m glad the day is though, Now goodnight all, goodnight to you. Thanks for reading. Karen aka The Klutter Koach July 15, 2016   Continue reading Less is Best–a poem

A Place for Everything

Have you ever heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”?  What happens when things don’t have a place?  You have a mess.  Chaos.  A ‘balagan’. This was the situation in my home.  The problem was not clutter, but not having a place for things to go was causing a huge headache.  There were coats, backpacks, and shoes everywhere.  I tried a few different things to solve the problem.  Nothing worked.  Until today. I digress momentarily to tell you about the book I’m reading with one of my classes.  It’s called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  A boy named … Continue reading A Place for Everything


Karen Furman Loves Uncluttered spaces Tables that are cleared of junk Toys under control Entry ways that are inviting Removes unwanted items from your home as part of my service to you   Konmari is one of my techniques Organizing is my passion And Clients are very pleased with my services Happy to help   Check out my blog posts for organizing tips and my Pearls of Wisdom. Thanks for Reading, Karen aka The Klutter Koach Continue reading THE KLUTTER KOACH, a poem