Less is Best–a poem

Less is Best Less the Mess. A house full of little boys. Up to the top of the cabinet went some toys. Most up, some below. What happened then?  Goodness me oh my– nobody started to cry. The choices were few, but they had plenty to do. They started to play. Clean up was so much easier this day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I can always rotate their things. I’m glad the day is though, Now goodnight all, goodnight to you. Thanks for reading. Karen aka The Klutter Koach July 15, 2016   Continue reading Less is Best–a poem

A Place for Everything

Have you ever heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”?  What happens when things don’t have a place?  You have a mess.  Chaos.  A ‘balagan’. This was the situation in my home.  The problem was not clutter, but not having a place for things to go was causing a huge headache.  There were coats, backpacks, and shoes everywhere.  I tried a few different things to solve the problem.  Nothing worked.  Until today. I digress momentarily to tell you about the book I’m reading with one of my classes.  It’s called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  A boy named … Continue reading A Place for Everything


Karen Furman Loves Uncluttered spaces Tables that are cleared of junk Toys under control Entry ways that are inviting Removes unwanted items from your home as part of my service to you   Konmari is one of my techniques Organizing is my passion And Clients are very pleased with my services Happy to help   Check out my blog posts for organizing tips and my Pearls of Wisdom. Thanks for Reading, Karen aka The Klutter Koach Continue reading THE KLUTTER KOACH, a poem

The Story of a Blue Milk Crate

In 1989 I graduated high school. One pre-university ritual was (and still is) is to shop for things for the dormitory room.  One popular organizational item at the time was the plastic milk crate.  They were square in shape and made of hard plastic.  I remember agonizing over color choices and quantity.  After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to decide, I selected four crates:  two in electric blue and two in slate blue. Those durable crates lasted longer than my four years in college.  They were purposed and re-purposed again and again throughout the years.  They held everything from clothes, to books, to scrapbooks, to canned … Continue reading The Story of a Blue Milk Crate

Using the right tool for the job

Having the right tool makes all the difference in the world.  Can you imagine having to shovel a 3- foot hill of dirt with a teaspoon?  The task would take forever.  However if someone interrupted you and handed you a shovel, the job would get done much more quickly and efficiently.  Having a proper tool makes all the difference in the world. Here are a things i few things I want to give an honorable mention to: pop-up laundry hampers-They hold all the dirty clothes without having to look at Mt. Laundrymore. key tags-When we moved into our apartment we were … Continue reading Using the right tool for the job

From the Perspective of a Key

Hi.  I’m a Key Ring.  I serve a very important purpose in your life.  I open the doors to your home, your car, your office.  I may even hold those little plastic tags for your library card or store discount cards.I’m a big part of your daily functioning. However, I am sad.  Very very sad.  Some of you just toss me aside.  Then you forget where I am.  I am lost.  I am homeless.  I am MIA.  Then when you want me, I can’t call out to you and yell “Here I am!  I’m under the pile of bills on … Continue reading From the Perspective of a Key