Repurposing Storage Space

A few weeks ago I re-arranged my kitchen cabinets.  It is been a very efficient and user-friendly system since. Now a different area of the home is out of balance and needs a solution: the boys’ clothing storage situation.  Perhaps you can relate to the following scenario:  Child wants to get dressed.  Child then pullsContinue reading “Repurposing Storage Space”

Organized Chaos

“Is your home very organized?” is a question I often get asked.  The short is answer is “Yes, basically.”  Let me break the question down into different components of what people are really asking me: Q: Is your home cluttered?   A:  No. If I keep clothing that doesn’t get worn, books that go unread, orContinue reading “Organized Chaos”

Organizing Your Child’s School Papers

Problem: The endless balagan of papers, projects, art, things to sign and what to do with them. Solution:  Create a system to manage incoming papers.   Storage options see-through drawers handled carrying cases generally used for art projects extra large ziplock bags hanging folders and storage box LABEL THE DRAWER, BOX, OR BAG WITH YOURContinue reading “Organizing Your Child’s School Papers”

“I must get organized!” A tale of pitfalls

Are you old enough to remember the Atari game Pitfall?  Basically, you were in the jungle running and leaping over bottomless pits and other obstacles trying to reach a treasure.  You could only advance if you learned what NOT to do.  Yet no matter how many times I reached the same screen, I would stillContinue reading ““I must get organized!” A tale of pitfalls”

A Place for Everything

Have you ever heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”?  What happens when things don’t have a place?  You have a mess.  Chaos.  A ‘balagan’. This was the situation in my home.  The problem was not clutter, but not having a place for things to go was causing a huge headache.  ThereContinue reading “A Place for Everything”


Karen Furman Loves Uncluttered spaces Tables that are cleared of junk Toys under control Entry ways that are inviting Removes unwanted items from your home as part of my service to you   Konmari is one of my techniques Organizing is my passion And Clients are very pleased with my services Happy to help  Continue reading “THE KLUTTER KOACH, a poem”

The Story of a Blue Milk Crate

In 1989 I graduated high school. One pre-university ritual was (and still is) is to shop for things for the dormitory room.  One popular organizational item at the time was the plastic milk crate.  They were square in shape and made of hard plastic.  I remember agonizing over color choices and quantity.  After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to decide, IContinue reading “The Story of a Blue Milk Crate”

Using the right tool for the job

Having the right tool makes all the difference in the world.  Can you imagine having to shovel a 3- foot hill of dirt with a teaspoon?  The task would take forever.  However if someone interrupted you and handed you a shovel, the job would get done much more quickly and efficiently.  Having a proper tool makesContinue reading “Using the right tool for the job”

From the Perspective of a Key

Hi.  I’m a Key Ring.  I serve a very important purpose in your life.  I open the doors to your home, your car, your office.  I may even hold those little plastic tags for your library card or store discount cards.I’m a big part of your daily functioning. However, I am sad.  Very very sad.Continue reading “From the Perspective of a Key”