The Wiser Generation and Downsizing

As a home organizer, I work with a wide range of clients. Believe it or not, many are already organized, but simply don’t have the time, energy, or headspace for downsizing and organizing. Many clients are of the Wiser Generation, aka Seniors, who must downsize for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons isContinue reading “The Wiser Generation and Downsizing”

Pesach and decluttering (or not) and why. What I decluttered this week

Many people combine spring cleaning and decluttering during the Pesach-cleaning process. It’s a logical concept, but I would like to remind everyone there are 50/52 weeks of the year for decluttering, which is an ongoing process, not a yearly event. The mitzvah is to look for chometz.Nevertheless, in the cleaning process, I found a fewContinue reading “Pesach and decluttering (or not) and why. What I decluttered this week”

The Pot Roast Story

Have you heard the famous story about the woman who cuts the ends off her pot roast before putting it in the over?  If you haven’t already, here it is: A newly-wed man would watch his wife would cut an inch off from both ends of meat for pot roast before putting it into the oven.  When heContinue reading “The Pot Roast Story”