Amazon Adventures

I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I rarely shop online and prefer to shop in a store, but as a sign of the times, I’ve found the convenience and quality of online shopping to be a good alternative to having to trek around town. Because of this change in attitude, I’ve been trekking on Amazon instead.Continue reading “Amazon Adventures”

A Beverly Cleary Morning

I wish I could transport myself to the world of Beverly Cleary where Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins reside, where wholesomeness and classic Americana abound. I want to escape this fast-pasted era of technology for a while and just slow down like the “good ole days”. Granted, the 1950s were a few decades prior toContinue reading “A Beverly Cleary Morning”

Just Be, a poem

Be brave Be bold Be yourself Speak up for truth and justice Have integrity Be kind Be thoughtful Be honest Have no fear Stand up for what you believe in March to the beat of your own drum Be confident Be positive Add your own music to this technicolor canvas called life Just Be AprilContinue reading “Just Be, a poem”

Dealing with Friday Morning Pre-Shabbos Overwhelm

I am writing this to give myself my own advice. If you, dear reader, can benefit from this advice also, then I am glad to be of assistance. IT’S FRIDAY MORNING. The dishes are piled, the remnants of yesterday’s children’s messes are still scattered, the bathroom needs a good wipe down. The dining room table,Continue reading “Dealing with Friday Morning Pre-Shabbos Overwhelm”

How Clean is Your Home? A list of surfaces to sanitize

Whether you did/didn’t have Corona, are/aren’t getting vaccinated, it’s important to pay heed to how clean your home is to kill germs. I was recently introduced to a British reality show (no longer running) called How Clean is Your House? Watch the show on YouTube, even for a few minutes and you’ll be donning rubberContinue reading “How Clean is Your Home? A list of surfaces to sanitize”

Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona

A butterfly flew past me while I was on route running an errand. 🦋 It’s quite unusual to see a butterfly around here, especially one in mid-January. At first I thought it a figment of my imagination and then realized it was real. The butterfly hovered a second in front of me before it flutteredContinue reading “Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona”

Thoughts on Socializing in 2020

The balagan of 2020 has had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s one thing to be flexible, but when every second is a potential fight-or-flight, its very unsettling It feels safer to be at home, insulated within the coziness of my nest, surrounded by things that “spark joy” and bring comfort. Saturday evening afterContinue reading “Thoughts on Socializing in 2020”

Quaranteening: Tips for Quarantine with Teens

My family spent 36 days in quarantine. No, that wasn’t a typo. While not easy for anyone, I think it was most difficult for my teens compared to my younger kids. My teens are 13, 15 and 18 and their younger siblings 5 and 9. I was conversing with someone who said their teen justContinue reading “Quaranteening: Tips for Quarantine with Teens”

Body shaming, language shaming, just don’t!

Body shaming has gotten much publicity. It’s hurtful, wrong, and nobody’s business how you look. Today I got shamed by a stranger, not for how I look, but for what I said, or rather for what I didn’t. For me, acquiring Hebrew has been an uphill struggle. I’ve tried and haven’t given up. After 5000+Continue reading “Body shaming, language shaming, just don’t!”

Post-Corona Recovery: How I’m feeling and what’s changed

My family has been in quarantine for 30 days.  Of the seven of us, the four who tested positive have been officially “released” from quarantine and considered “recovered”. The three who tested negative for having been “exposed” to the rest of the family, have 6 days of an additional 14 days left. Don’t ask… I’llContinue reading “Post-Corona Recovery: How I’m feeling and what’s changed”

I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect. Part II #TheStoryContinues

My family is on Day 20 of quarantine.  By popular request, I’m writing a follow-up post to I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect.  Everyone has expressed concern about how I’m doing so here is the update and how I’m managing. “How are you?” After 20 days without leaving theContinue reading “I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect. Part II #TheStoryContinues”

I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect.

I’m Corona positive.  How did it happen?  Who’s to say…the germ found me and invaded.  I’m recovering, thank G-d but I didn’t think it would be like this.  It’s not the horror story of symptoms we’ve been indoctrinated into fearing since lockdown. I was just going to lay low and let it pass, but onceContinue reading “I’m Corona positive. What they don’t tell you and what to expect.”

Does social media cause stress?

Does social media cause stress?  Without any official case studies or further ado, I will wholeheartedly answer in the affirmative. YES, social media can cause stress. I’ll speak for myself. There’s enough stress in my life and don’t need more.  I can’t control most stressors, but I can empower myself to be in control overContinue reading “Does social media cause stress?”

Come As You Are

Ok, I like this Nirvana song (even if I can’t understand most of the lyrics) but I really love the message of the title.  COME AS YOU ARE.  BE YOURSELF. There are great quotes “Being yourself, everyone else is taken”.  Rabbi Zusha can only be Rabbi Zusha.  They why do I feel so much pressureContinue reading “Come As You Are”

Got Loose change? Declutter & Donate

Do you have lots of loose coins in your purse or wallet? Or money collecting in a jar? Consider DECLUTTERING them as well as DONATING THEM TO A WORTHY CAUSE at the same time. HATZALA BET SHEMESH SAVED MY HUSBAND’S LIFE. There is a local organization that is running a Cause-Match Fundraiser called Hatzala. TheyContinue reading “Got Loose change? Declutter & Donate”

Moving soon, need to pack, and don’t know where to start? Here are some Do-s and Don’ts of Packing

Whether you’re moving cross-town, cross country, or internationally, MOVING IS STRESSFUL.  I’ve moved 8 times in the past 20 years and done all the above.  So here some first-hand tips of DO-S and DON’TS to help with your move in the category of PACKING. As a Klutter Koach, the first thing I’m suggesting is toContinue reading “Moving soon, need to pack, and don’t know where to start? Here are some Do-s and Don’ts of Packing”

The Secret to Happiness

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t know the secret to happiness.  HOWEVER, I recently discovered TWO THINGS which have made me much happier. NUMBER ONE The first was an inspirational message I saw: “Turn your “have to’s” into “get to’s.”  It’s an attitude we can all use every day to view our lives throughContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness”

Who is The Klutter Koach?

Hi and thanks for clicking! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MYSELF. I’m Karen Furman aka The Klutter Koach, which is Coach spelled with K for Karen, not ko-ach (strength). I’m not sure if it’s my signature BLUE GLASSES (which were once gray) or my friendly demeanor but when I meet people they say ‘Oh-you’re theContinue reading “Who is The Klutter Koach?”

National Cappuccino Day

Today is November 8. I have always celebrated it as my wedding anniversary. However, it has been brought to my attention that today has other special significance: It’s NATIONAL CAPPUCCINO DAY. For you those of you cappuccino aficionados here’s a reason to go get yourself a cuppa. I must admit I’m more of a teaContinue reading “National Cappuccino Day”