Who is The Klutter Koach?

Hi and thanks for clicking! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MYSELF. I’m Karen Furman aka The Klutter Koach, which is Coach spelled with K for Karen, not ko-ach (strength). I’m not sure if it’s my signature BLUE GLASSES (which were once gray) or my friendly demeanor but when I meet people they say ‘Oh-you’re the organizer lady’. Yep. That’s me. I’m mom to six kids ages 4-20. Before you start doing mental math and thinking I look too young to have a 20 year old, I will tell you to add fifteen years to the age you think I am … Continue reading Who is The Klutter Koach?

Have Faith. G-d Listens

Here is a wonderful and true post-Yom Kippur story. I’m a minimalist which means I don’t have clutter or excess in my home. This is mainly because I have 8 people in small three bedroom apartment and have no extra space for non-necessary items. I’m also against excess consumerism and only purchase what we need. With that said, I can confidently say my apartment lacks storage space. The only thing left to maximize space would be to climb the walls with shelving. As I straightened up this week I decided two things were needed that would really make a big … Continue reading Have Faith. G-d Listens

The Best Freebie of All: Prayer

I wish summer reality would be like the nostalgic memories of my youth:  refreshing water activities , cold treats, fun outings.  I cling to these images while I shvitz in hot, humid weather while multi-tasking, managing squabbling children and afflicted with itchy bug bites. However, these petty summer nuances can dissipate in an instant. Illness, terror attacks, and even someone’s kvetching can put these smaller issues into perspective. When trying to process distressing events the only place to turn for solace is to Hashem (G-d). Only the Master of the World is there to hear me.  How does one connect … Continue reading The Best Freebie of All: Prayer

Life Lessons

Job loss is unfortunately part of life. I sensed this event was forthcoming but now it’s reality. Gam zu la tova (this too is for the good). I know a window will open somewhere. Just help me find the Windex so I can locate the window. If there is one thing to be learned from my first office non-teaching experience it is OK to be a non-coffee drinker in a world of coffee drinkers. Others may think me odd for not participating in coffee culture, but what’s a girl to do? I will unapologetically drink a green smoothie with spirulina … Continue reading Life Lessons

Facebook Reactivated… Temporarily

I was blissfully enjoying a six month hiatus from Facebook and loving every minute of my detachment from social media. Except for one thing: I sorely missed the support and guidance from a group for mothers of special needs children, support I was not receiving from any other source. For this reason alone I reactivated my account. I rejoined two other groups I had found useful, so just in case anyone sees my name there I feel I need to disclose my participation, as not to be a hypocrite. I haven’t forgotten about any of the reasons why I deactivated … Continue reading Facebook Reactivated… Temporarily

A Post in Memory of my Grandmother

One year ago, on the 3rd night of Chanukah, my grandma Beverly Zoot Tatz passed to the next world. Since I don’t know what a granddaughter can meaningfully do on a grandparent’s first yahrtzeit, I posed the question and received two replies. One person suggested giving tzedakah in her memory.  Another said it is a custom in their family to eat the favorite food of the departed and tell stories about him or her. Since I don’t know Grandma’s favorite food, I hope she enjoyed latkes because that’s what’s frying up in the kitchen right now. I don’t have any … Continue reading A Post in Memory of my Grandmother

“What time does the supermarket open and how long are the lines.” A pre-yom tov mussing with a history lesson

Pardon the long title, as an inspiration for something more concise didn’t come to mind.  This post is about two books I recently read and how it has affected my thinking in regards to recent events and observations. I love reading, especially children’s literature in the historical fiction genre. Last month I read two books that had a similar theme. One was Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan.  The other was The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig. Historical events from these books had me pondering modern “problems”, which seem inconsequential to the challenges faced by the protagonists in the books. … Continue reading “What time does the supermarket open and how long are the lines.” A pre-yom tov mussing with a history lesson